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Flush with Success: The “After” of Our Bathroom Remodel

  Well, I'm not sure how Ta Da worthy these pictures are... I haven't refreshed my photography skills since that college class in 1982 and these days my talents could probably be summed up in two words: Point and Shoot.  But I think the change in the bathroom was significant enough to warrant a Ta Da!  So here we go, mediocre pictures and … [Read more...]

A Decade of Bathroom Remodels: Before and After

  One really cool thing that was left to us by the previous two owners was a photo album.  A photo album with before and after shots of our new home and the changes that they had made.  Consequently, we have photographic documentation of the changes in our home since 1999.  Now, how cool is that?!!!!  I love a good before and after and now … [Read more...]

Not Necessarily the Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Bringing Light to Our “Hallway of Doors”

  As stated in my brief blurb next to my picture, (look to the right of your screen!) I live in a Craftsman style home that was built in 1920.  We moved here 3 years ago after my husband retired from 20 years and 20 days in the Army.  (Not that we were counting or anything!)  He was lucky enough to land a great job here in Montana, which is … [Read more...]

Adventures with Tin-Tin: Ceiling tin magnetic board

  Here’s a little project I’ve had spinning around in my head and finally got around to doing this weekend. A magnet board made from vintage ceiling tin:     I have this big blank area on my office bookcase that was just screaming out for some functionality and design oomph.  Of course, I can't find the picture I … [Read more...]

No Couch Potatoes Here: Giving New Life to a Thrift-Store Sofa

  Walking through a local thrift shop in December, I spotted this green velour sofa.  I loved the color, the shape and the retro vibe it was sending off.  My 23-year-old daughter loves mid-century furniture, so I snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook to see if she would like it.  I failed to add a caption to the picture and what ended … [Read more...]