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Lost in the Blog-o-sphere: In Which I Might Disappear for a Few Days

Okay, all you blog-reading, non-blogging peeps out there, I'm gonna level with you.  This blogging stuff is HARD!!  The DIYing, crafting, decorating, re-purposing.... piece-0-cake.  Blogging is ridiculously time consuming!! There's coming up with a blog idea, taking pictures of said idea/project, editing those photos, and the actual writing of … [Read more...]

Taking a trip to Provence (courtesy of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

  In spite of all the mania around here with roof and drywall repairs, and Prairie Sisters show preparations, I managed to get a few things painted the other day.  I had a can of Annie Sloan's Provence that I was dying to try out.  It had been so long since I ordered it, I couldn't even remember what color it was!  Turns out, it's a … [Read more...]

Vanity, Vanity: Re-Doing the Master Bath

I've been frantically getting ready for an upcoming show on Saturday, so I'm pulling pictures from the past.  This is the remodel we did on our master bathroom immediately after our remodel of our upstairs bathroom a year ago. Here's the "before" as we saw it with our realtor.  It's a perfectly respectable bathroom, so why remodel?  Well, this … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: Adding Pops of Color in Every Room of the House

  Let's talk pillows, shall we?   We all know that pillows can change the look and color scheme in a room, right?  We all know that we can walk into any department store and buy pillows in any color or fabric.  But have you tried making your own pillow covers?  Have you tried mixing modern pillows into your vintage decorating scheme?  Or … [Read more...]

Letter by Letter: How to Turn Old Wood Into Cool Signs

  Since way back when dinosaurs roamed the the 80's....I've been making hand-painted signs.   I used to tear apart old pallets and use the rough wood, but now I use any kind of old wood that I find.  The wood I'm using today happens to be the leftover part of an old beadboard door painted in a cool chippy green. I use … [Read more...]