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Mr. Wonderful and the Birthday Painting Party

Now that the floors are done we're able to start rockin' and rollin' on this bedroom makeover.  We had to protect our newly finished floors, so we taped them off and covered them with Dollar Store plastic drop cloths. Now, it's time for paint!  Since the ceiling got repaired and textured, we had to start with that. You're welcome for the eye … [Read more...]

I’m Floored By How Well This Project Turned Out

My floors are finally done!  Here's the before:   My floor guys came and went each day in a flash.  They had the entire floor sanded down in about an hour.  By the time I got upstairs to take pictures of them working, they were done!  They had spread wood filler across the entire floor to be sanded the next day after it dried.  These … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day! I want to personally thank my husband for the twenty years of service that he gave our Country.  He's my hero as are all the other veterans from all wars who sacrificed for the rest of us.  The wives, husbands and families of those soldiers sacrifice as well and to all of them that stood by their … [Read more...]

Beating Around the Bush….and We Won

  In between winter storms, otherwise known as Springtime in Montana, I managed to get one yard project accomplished.  Yes, one WHOLE project!  I know, you're reveling in my awesomeness, right? So, we had this bush... I know what you're thinking....these bushes are the landscaping equivalent of a brush-cut hairdo or an avocado green … [Read more...]

French-ifying a Vanity: Wood Purists Look Away!

  Ahhh...another furniture project done.  This one was bittersweet.  Why?  Because this gem was not in that bad of shape.  She could have easily been refinished instead of painted.  Just take a look at her before:   Isn't she lovely?  She had a few nicks and dings...don't we all?...but overall she was still quite beautiful … [Read more...]