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I was floored by this rug!

I bought a new rug!  This is a monumental event in the bungalow household.  Really! For one, I'm cheap. Frugal. A tightwad. Rugs are ex...pen...sive!! Have you priced one lately?  Yikes!  Who wants to take out a bank loan for a ding-dang rug? Plus, there's the right style, design, and material choice and most importantly, color. … [Read more...]

Going….Going….I’m SOLD on auctions!

Mr. Wonderful and I went to an auction on Sunday. I love auctions. I hate auctions. You can get some great buys. You can end up with a trunk full of junk. They go by lickety-split. They take all day! Most of the great buys are at the very end of the auction when everyone else has already shot their wad and has run out of cash. … [Read more...]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

First of all, let me just say a ginormous "Thank you" to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors for posting my Guest Bedroom Reveal on her facebook page.  I've been a huge fan of Funky Junk Donna since I saw her White Trash Bedroom! (Whoa! Was that really in 2009?) I was completely overwhelmed at the gesture and equally overwhelmed by the responses!  My … [Read more...]

I’m Not Sanford and Son — It Only Looks Like I Am

I think sometimes people think that because I don't have a "job" that I'm sitting around eating Doritos, chugging Coke and watching Jerry Springer.   Let me assure you, that isn't happening.  First of all, I'm not a Dorito fan.  If I do drink an occasional soda, it's gonna be a Coke Zero and hells to the NO on the Jerry Springer!  I can create my … [Read more...]

Mr. Wonderful and the teeny, tiny, pain-in-the-neck hollow screw

Remember that teeny, tiny screw that was the bane of my existence because I could. not. get. it. out. Yeah, that flippin' screw stopped progress for 3 days. This is the old light fixture I was trying to remove....minus it's frosted white shade. Each day, Mr. Wonderful would enter the kitchen to find me sticking yet another new and tiny … [Read more...]