Archives for October 2012

Take Your “Pick” and Deep Dark Funks

I'm  in a funk. The longer Mr. Wonderful is gone, the deeper the funk. I guess this is what 28 years of marriage does for a relationship. You become so entwined that separation is painful. I really start to lose my mind.  I become completely irrational. Imagine what I was like when Mr. Wonderful was gone to Iraq for a year. Yeah, … [Read more...]

French-ified Twin Beds. Oooolala!

On one of my recent vintage shopping sprees, I picked up two matching twin beds.  I absolutely loved the curve of the headboard and knew immediately that I wanted them French-ified. Can you see the "good bones" and nice lines that I'm talking about? (Yes, that's my ironing hanging off to the right and a myriad of projects off to the … [Read more...]

Time Flies and the Itty Bitty Desk

Mr. Wonderful's office is in the basement of our home. Mr. Wonderful is tired of being in the basement.  It's dark, it's dingy and perhaps a little lonely. He has requested a desk be placed in one of the guest bedrooms upon which he can rest his laptop and write. I'm here to please. I just happened to have this cute little number … [Read more...]

Footboard Turned Fireplace Screen

I've been on a mission to get several projects for my home finished.  I have been painting, sanding, stenciling, repairing, and waxing like a mad woman. My friend, Donna, gave me this beautiful footboard to turn into a fireplace screen.  I really needed something to brighten up this dark and dingy fireplace and this footboard could be just … [Read more...]

Good Neighbors and Flooded Basements

While Deighton and I were visiting Mr. Wonderful in Missoula, I got a call from my neighbor late one afternoon.  She called to tell me that there was water gushing from the side of my house and it had probably been doing it all day. Awesome. Just what you want to hear when you're 2 hours from home and enjoying yourself enough that you don't … [Read more...]