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The Endless Parade of Contractors

I haven't written a blog post in weeks out of sheer frustration arising out of the un-done-ness of my kitchen. Yes, I know remodels are hard for everyone.  All the dust, the mess, the debris, the decisions, the contractors....oh, the contractors.  This is where the majority of my frustration lies. Let me explain. The first one that came to … [Read more...]

It’s the Little Things That Make Life Sweet

Having not had a home to call my own for over 20 years of marriage, I get really excited over little things. Like the ability to paint a wall ANY color I want. Yeah, it's big deal! Please ignore the dust.  We are still in the middle of remodeling! Or changing out a light fixture to suit my tastes. Along with the freedom of making a … [Read more...]

Thank a Vet, Thank Their Kids

It's Veteran's Day.  Well, not officially.  Officially it was the 11th, but I don't write posts on the weekend.  So, we'll celebrate it today. Many of you already know that Mr. Wonderful is a veteran.  He retired 4 years ago after serving 20 years and 20 days (not that we were counting) in the Army.    Therefore, it feels a little awkward to ask … [Read more...]

Be-Bopping and Bling!

I'm still be-bopping around the house trying to get little projects done while my kitchen sits unfinished. I re-wired a small lamp that sits on the bread box in my butlers pantry.  My husband likes to sit out there and read in the morning when it's still dark.  It's been sitting there, broken, since June. I know.  I'm really swift at getting … [Read more...]

Lights, Camera, Sweat?

With my kitchen in a state of flux, I decided I really needed to concentrate on finishing up some of the small items that were left undone in rooms that I had previously declared "done". The main bathroom had two issues. I had replaced the bare bulb light fixture in the main bathroom with a school house light fixture.  Forgive the blurry … [Read more...]