Archives for March 2013

My “Big” news and a “big” fall

Remember a few weeks ago I told you that there was something exciting coming and that the blog would suffer for it?  Well, I guess it's time to reveal what I was talking about.  Drum roll, please.... Okay, I know that pile o' crap doesn't look like earth-shattering news...but, trust me, in my world it's the equivalent of white smoke coming … [Read more...]

Going Against the Grain

Remember this shot? C'mon, it was just two days ago!  It was the desk I picked up that was refinished, but they had sanded the wood against the grain.   I know what you're thinking...the same thing I was thinking...who does that?   I mean, I thought sanding with the grain was a no-brainer.  Like petting a cat from head to tail … [Read more...]

China Cabinet Makeover and the Annie Sloan Holocaust

I have been buying furniture and painting like a mad woman getting ready for the Prairie Sisters Party in Billings next month. Furniture makeovers float my boat... in spite of the fact that I recently read a comment on an online article that called the painting of vintage/antique furniture the "Annie Sloan Holocaust"! Yikes! What a brutal … [Read more...]

The Red Handled Dresser

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I am hither and yon when it comes to projects.  One day, I'm working on my kitchen remodel, the next day I'm spray painting chairs or lamps, the next day I'm painting signs. Some days, I spend the entire day catching up on email.  (Which I did Monday, but am totally behind … [Read more...]