4 Super-Easy Hacks To Craft Room Organization

I would say my project room, or craft room as many call it, is my messiest room. And I’m not a person who works well in a mess. Which led me to wonder why on earth I wasn’t more organized.

So I got to work over a couple weeks and finally got that room thoroughly cleaned up. And the results have been amazing. I get more done, I doesn’t take long for me to find my tools, and I feel a lot better…just less stressed and grouchy.

Here are some of my favorite project room hacks that really organized and helped me. And the thing is, is that they’re incredibly simple. These four things made a huge difference and they weren’t hard to get at all.

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Beautiful and well-organized shelves are a necessary part of an organized project room. Get a good filing cabinet or open shelves and you’ll never have to dig through miles of garbage for the things you need again. I got this lovely one, and it was worked very well for me.

PC: gingersnapcrafts.com

Visit gingersnapcrafts for a lovely tutorial on how to make a project room peg board. I love my peg board for holding all my tools and miscellaneous items.

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Jars are a great way to organize because you can see clearly what is inside of them. I love these over-head shelves to hold the jars. It’s just so clean and easy to find. I installed a few shelves to hold my jars of buttons, ribbons and what have you.

PC: hgtv.com

Use simple racks and over-the-door hangers to hold wrapping paper, bags, files, and anything else you want to hide away. Try this over the door organizer or this tool holder from amazon.


What are some of your favorite hacks for project room organization?


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