I Got My Sign!

Sign for shop thebackyardbungalow.com

While I was home working on projects, Mr. Wonderful was watching over the shop. I missed the whole sign installation!   Oh, but I'm still excited.     It makes it all kind of official-like. And isn't she lovely with her new splashes of red?   When my sign guy said he'd install it for me...yeah, … [Read more...]

Snow and Chile Verde

We woke up to this today: I am not amused. Don't get me wrong. I like snow. I live in Montana...it's required. But I like it in the right season. That's my lilac bush to the left.  Yesterday, it was twice as tall as it is now.  It's being crushed by the weight of the snow, which means the lovely purple buds, preparing to … [Read more...]

Organizing the Hoard

The hoard 2 thebackyardbungalow.com

Okay, so I told you how I HAVE to shop and what drudgery it was.  The real drudgery comes in finding places for my finds. My garage filled up last Summer, so I added the 10 x 20 tent outside.  It wasn't meant to be permanent or stay up all Winter, but it did. And the next thing I knew, it was full, too. And I kept on shoppin'! Soon, … [Read more...]

We’re Open!

I know it's been weeks since I posted on this here blog...I been bizzay! What with organizing the new store, driving a broken-arm Mr. Wonderful to work, cooking (he usually does the cooking), cutting his meat (yeah, thought we were at least 20 years away from that happening), preparing for 2 shows and doing one (so far),and a short vacation to … [Read more...]

My “Big” news and a “big” fall

thebackyardbungalow.com shop move in

Remember a few weeks ago I told you that there was something exciting coming and that the blog would suffer for it?  Well, I guess it's time to reveal what I was talking about.  Drum roll, please.... Okay, I know that pile o' crap doesn't look like earth-shattering news...but, trust me, in my world it's the equivalent of white smoke coming … [Read more...]