Somewhat Quirky and Bel Monili

Capture life's moments

I am guest posting today over at Somewhat Quirky.  Go check it out!  And if you've never been to her page before, hang around to check out some of her older posts.  You'll love her like I do!! And now for some really important news.  I'm hosting a giveaway! I recently won one of these necklaces from Bel Monili over at Knick of Time's … [Read more...]

My Second Experience Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Eastlake dresser finished 3

Remember this nasty dresser I showed you a few weeks back?   I transformed it into this:   I decided it needed to be stripped before it could be re-painted.  The paint was just too chippy and too far gone.  Yeah, I can't believe it either....there is such a thing as too chippy!  It was also filthy and just wouldn't … [Read more...]

Use What You Have to Make Something Fabulous!

Old Trusty finished

Since Mr. Wonderful and I started married life out broke as a joke (but weren't laughing), we had to learn to improvise to make things work. Want to see an early example of that? You do? Great!  I was gonna show it to you, anyway!   Ta da!  One day back in 1984, while I was napping, Mr. Wonderful unpacked several boxes in … [Read more...]

I Got My Sign!

Sign for shop

While I was home working on projects, Mr. Wonderful was watching over the shop. I missed the whole sign installation!   Oh, but I'm still excited.     It makes it all kind of official-like. And isn't she lovely with her new splashes of red?   When my sign guy said he'd install it for me...yeah, … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Dresser

Farmhouse dresser

I'm finally able to grab a moment at the shop and get a blog post written. Whew! Mr. Wonderful and I had a great time at the Farm Chicks show!  I'll be showing you what I purchased there soon. The newest piece of furniture to hit the shop is this cute little "farmhouse" style dresser. A friend of mine emailed me the above picture … [Read more...]