Farmhouse Cabinet and Bel Monili winner

Farmhouse cabinet bottom

You may have thought I fell off the face of the earth...I didn't. You may have thought I ended up abducted by Jimmy Hoffa's kidnappers...nope. I've just been swirling in the drain of life's busy-ness. I have a gajillion projects going, but before I get to that, one quick order of business.  I realize I left you hanging regarding the Bel … [Read more...]

My Second Experience Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Eastlake dresser finished 3

Remember this nasty dresser I showed you a few weeks back?   I transformed it into this:   I decided it needed to be stripped before it could be re-painted.  The paint was just too chippy and too far gone.  Yeah, I can't believe it either....there is such a thing as too chippy!  It was also filthy and just wouldn't … [Read more...]

I Got My Sign!

Sign for shop

While I was home working on projects, Mr. Wonderful was watching over the shop. I missed the whole sign installation!   Oh, but I'm still excited.     It makes it all kind of official-like. And isn't she lovely with her new splashes of red?   When my sign guy said he'd install it for me...yeah, … [Read more...]

Organizing the Hoard

The hoard 2

Okay, so I told you how I HAVE to shop and what drudgery it was.  The real drudgery comes in finding places for my finds. My garage filled up last Summer, so I added the 10 x 20 tent outside.  It wasn't meant to be permanent or stay up all Winter, but it did. And the next thing I knew, it was full, too. And I kept on shoppin'! Soon, … [Read more...]

Oh, the Drudgeries of Shopping


When you own your own store, you have to shop a lot.  A.  LOT. I mean a lot, a lot! I mean, you might miss something out there and you have to keep the store full, right?  Of course! I've done a lot of shopping in the last few weeks.  A. LOT. It's such drudgery. A real pain. Scouring estate sales, thrift shops, garage sales, … [Read more...]