A 360 Degree Tour of my Office


I thought I would give you the full tour of my office today.  I cleaned out all of my projects and swept the floor for the occasion.  A red-letter day!

You’ve seen the table with the newly-minted hide-it-all skirt, but did I tell you that Mr. Wonderful and I made the table out of a door?  Yes, and there used to be two of them in my office.  At the same time.  Ever have one of those brain-dead moments when you build something in a room and then you realize–too late–you might not be able to get it out through the doorway?  Yeah, that happened.

My office has gone through several revolutions of furniture and paint colors.  The longer I live in a space, the more I understand how I need it to function for me.  This space will probably never be DONE.



These are hanging on the back of my closet door.




I’ve always had a thing for vintage textiles and old advertising.  I’ve been collecting baby dresses, pillow cases with embroidery and crocheted edges, handkerchiefs, lace curtains, or any other interesting textile for over 20 years.  My latest obsession is European grain sacks.  I use them for upholstery, pillows and messenger bags.  I also just love looking at stacks of them!  (You probably can’t tell, but that’s a screen door I found and put on the front of that bookshelf.)



Enter another fetish….architectural pieces.  Ahhhh…the chippy, peely goodness makes my heart sing! I’m not much of a lacey, frilly, flowery girl, but don’t those lace curtains just make you all gooey inside?!!



One day I was pouting about not having enough storage for my office, so I ran out to the stash of projects in my garage and pulled out the one piece I thought might suit my needs best at the time.  All I really had in my furniture stash was blonde, mid-century stuff.  Not exactly my style.  I found a very boring, masculine piece and with a few feminine touches, I made it work for my space.  I cut off HIS boring peg legs and gave HER new shapely legs found at Lowe’s.  Her frilly hardware came from a garage sale that I spray-painted black.  She holds my sewing notions and lots of hardware for future projects.  Remember the bread box charging station?  I love how it tidies up the space….but what to do about that speaker?



Okay, see that doll hanging there?  That’s from my former business (Threadbare Creations) and one of the reasons I’m obsessed with textiles.  I used to make primitive dolls and dress/embellish them in vintage fabrics, baby dresses, old gloves, purses, buttons and jewelry.  I still have a  few around my house that I couldn’t part with.  I made a decent living at it and it allowed me to stay home to raise my 3 children.  Can’t beat that!



This is where I blog and watch my pie-safe-encased TV.


The pictures behind this chair are actually framed decorative needle packs and sewing cards.  As I mentioned before, I love old advertising and frame it for artwork whenever possible.



When my daughter moved back home, she would sit in here with me and we’d watch Teen Mom together, so I splurged on these two chairs from Pier One.  (Teen Mom, you say?  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…but it’s so much fun to yell at the TV!)



And one last collection of dresses and textiles.




There are so many projects in this room, I haven’t hit on them all in this 360-degree tour of my office.  I hope to show you more in upcoming posts.

So, that’s how my office looks today.  Tomorrow could be totally different!

Bye from the Bungalow,


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  1. What a beautiful room! There are so many cool and interesting things…I could stare at everything all day. You’ve done such a great job making a special space. I really love it. Can you please tell me about the large metal piece sitting on top of the screen door bookshelf (4th picture down)? I think it’s so cool! (Screen door bookshelf…genius, by the way!)

    • Isn’t that the coolest thing..ever!?!! A friend of mine had that sitting in her yard (she has mega cool stuff nicely weathering in her yard!) and I had no shame in asking her if I could have it! She said it’s some kind of thingie to make a canopy over a bed. I think it looks like a giant crown! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. I love your old vintage dresses! My mother made those for me and my sisters when we were little. I love your style and the way you have everything arranged. Sooo pretty!


    • Thank you and you are so lucky to have a Mom who made you such lovely things! I hope you were able to save some of those dresses! I checked out your blog and it’s pretty awesome, too! I’ve “liked” you on facebook!

  3. hi jean,
    i just started following your blog and love your office! i too was into primitives, selling & buying at local craft shows while the kiddos were growing up. they are now in their twenties with one married almost one year. all that to say, i commend mom’s for doing what it takes to stay home but still bring in some income to help with the financial situation. i know what sacrifice and dedication it takes to do them both. (now that’s not to dismiss any mom’s working outside the home…it all requires dedication & sacrifice.)
    your office has inspired me so much that i have pinned it on my pinterest board. love the splash of red on the one wall and how you used needle packs/cards as artwork. i have several and never thought to use them as unique wall decor.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! I am trying to switch my decor from all primitive to something more me and less definable. Thank you for following the blog and for letting me know that I’ve inspired you! That’s completely what I’m aiming for! My children are in their 20’s also and have all flown the coop. Now I’m a stay-at-home-wife and do this to stay sane! I’m off to check out your blog!

  5. Your grain sack collection is to die for!! 🙂

  6. This room is so beautiful!!

    • Only when it’s cleaned up for picture day! Otherwise, it’s a mess! Thanks for the thumbs up!

  7. This is the most perfect office I have ever seen!! LOVE IT!!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!!

  8. Your office looks fabulous. I love the sitting area! Great chairs. The charging station is something I’ve always wanted to do.
    I’m sure you smile every time you walk in there, great space Jean!

    • Thank you, Gail. I am finding all kinds of uses for bread boxes lately…post to come! I do and I did…smile when I come in here, that is. Right now it’s a huge mess because I’m getting ready for a show, but when it’s all cleaned up…I really dig it! Thanks for coming by the blog!

  9. Hi Jean! I’m so glad you posted this at the diydreamer linky party. I am working on a French country theme for my friends living room and your office has given me so many great ideas. Stop by and take a look at the distressed table I just posted yesterday when you have a minute. Cheers, MGal watchmediy.com

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous, Jean! Thanks for sharing with my party. I’ll be featuring tonight!

  11. I could tell I liked you, Jean! And, then I saw MY chair ~ I have that same black and white chair from Pier 1! : ) Mine is in my living room which is basically done in black and white {and tan}; I bought mine just before they discontinued it. Love your office ~ the skirted table looks so pretty.

    • Kathy! How did I miss this comment before? I bought mine when they were on clearance, also. (only way to go, right?) And don’t you just love their rewards program? After buying these, I ended up with enough of those $20.00 rewards checks to buy a new rug! Love your blog, too!

  12. What a beautiful space…so many interesting things you have used to decorate it! Makes me want to see what I can repurpose in my house!

    I would love if you would post it and share it with my readers! Join the Community and share any of your creative project!

    Susan @ Oh My! Creative

  13. I’ve only just found your beautiful blog via Everything Etsy, and I can tell you I am already in love. Absolutely in love with your crafts room/workspace. I am currently in the process of getting our dining room reburbished and re-kitted for my crafts room/workspace as well, and this has given me such much inspiration! How beautiful it must be to live in Montana – I’ve always wanted to visit that part of the beautiful, wild, rugged US…it looks like heaven! I’ve just subbed to your blog, and I can’t wait to check out all your other posts. Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for inspiring and motivating me with my own craft room endeavours. – June at CelticMoon Craft

    • Thank you so much for subscribing and for coming by! I can’t tell you how much we love living in Montana. The scenery, the people…it is our little slice of heaven! I’m off to check out your blog!

  14. I love all the colors Jean, and the way you make such striking compositions around the room!

  15. What a beautiful and inspiring studio – thanks for sharing all the details!

  16. Just found you via Everything Etsy and love your office/craft room. Simply beautiful! I live in scenic New England, but Montana must be just a fabulous place to live and work. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Oh, Mrs. T that is the one place in the States that I haven’t been! My husband and I often talk about taking a cruise hitting the New England states. Would love to do it in the Fall when the leaves are changing! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  17. Oh, it is so beautiful! Fantastic job!! Visiting from My Romantic Home. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/07/make-it-pretty-monday-week-4.html Wishing you a grand weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  18. Love it~ it is so charming!! What a great space to work in! 🙂

  19. That is one awesome office 🙂 love it

  20. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again on Monday. Wishing you a grand Sunday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  21. What a fantastic space in which to unleash your creativity, Jean! You have so many wonderful treasures stashed about. It must be quite inspiring to work in there.

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you each week. Be sure to stop in tonight, and see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  22. Your office is very neat and it seems so functional. Love the skirted worktable and your sitting area. Thanks for sharing your lovely textile collection. Very NICE!
    xo Ginger

  23. Cristy Autry says:

    I absolutely love the desk and hutch. Did you build the hutch or buy it as is?? I love your projects, they are beauitful! …and I love your sense of humor in your posts!!

  24. That’s not an office, that’s a show room of amazing things. I’d never get anything done in there for always looking around at the prettiness.


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