A Great Start to the Summer in Somers, MT: Our Vintage Whites Market Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend at Vintage Whites Market!!  Whew!  It started on Thursday morning, actually, with me trying to get all things Backyard Bungalow tagged and priced and packed in boxes.  I seem to go into panic mode just before a show and I probably do more panicking than packing!  In the afternoon, my friend and biz partner, Donna, showed up with what was supposed to be a 20′ U-haul truck, but ended up a 26-footer!!  Good thing, too, ‘cuz we filled that sucker plumb full…top to bottom, front to back.  On Friday, we headed off to Somers, Montana…or was it Coeur d-Alene, Idaho?  Funny story there. Well…it’s funny NOW!   We got about 5 miles from the Idaho border–in Saltese, MT (go ahead and Google it just to see how far off the map we were…I’ll wait)–before we realized we had forgotten to take a turn just outside of Missoula to head north to Kalispell.  So we went about 60 miles to the West, when we needed to go about 60 miles NORTH!  Yeah, that’s what happens when you get two directionally-challenged Chatty Cathys in a vehicle together without proper adult supervision.  You never know where you’ll end up!  Mr. Wonderful started out 2 hours after us in his own vehicle and ended up in Somers long before we did! Had he been directly behind us as originally planned, this would not have occurred. He would have called my cell phone and asked me why we hadn’t turned and we could have circled back without veering so far off our path.  There’s a lesson in there for ya’.  You can always figure out a way to make it the man’s fault!

Setting up our 10′ x 20′ tent was a breeze and with the help of my in-laws we began to unload the over-stuffed U-haul.  If I had been in “blogger mode” instead of “panic mode”, I might have remembered to take pictures of the bulging U-haul.  Shamefully, I did not.  Mr Wonderful did get a few pictures, however.  This is shortly after getting our tent up.


We had plans to only unload some of the furniture and most of the “smalls” into the tent, but ended up utilizing ALL of the space afforded us.  We filled the tent with our lovelies and then littered the front and back of the tent with our cool and weathered junk!  The U-haul was also arranged, however hastily, with more furniture and a few random bits and bobs.

Those are definitely storm clouds you’re seeing in the above pictures.  We were praying hard and biting our nails that it wouldn’t rain on Saturday, the day of the market.  Fortunately, it did not!  The wind blew something fierce, though and at the end of the day, many vendors lost their canopies.  Apparently, “easy up” is also “over easy”!!  I personally watched four canopies lift off the ground and go hurtling into the air.  One actually landed on the roof of our U-haul!  Our tent, which we purchased at Costco, was the only tent that was completely un-staked (although, it did come with stakes), and didn’t so much as budge.  Phew!  It weighs a TON and the only way to transport it is to carry each pole separately.  It took 3 of us at Costco to put the original boxed tent on a rolling cart for purchase.  It’s THAT heavy!

These are the only four pictures that we took.  This is still in the unpacking, random placement stage of the process.  I hope someone out there got some pictures of our space that they can share.  We had so much to unload that we missed the vendor party on Friday night.  Sad face.  We were unpacking until 9 PM on Friday and began again at 6 AM on Saturday.  The market opened at 10 AM and we still weren’t done!  We had vendors shopping our booth before the actual customers arrived, so we never had an opportunity to even sit back and admire our handiwork, let alone take pictures.  Our first sale of exactly $1,000.00 took place prior to the crowd’s arrival!!

This last picture was taken around 9 AM…not even close to being done sorting and arranging.  The first time I looked at my watch, it was 1 PM and the tent was practically empty.  We had sold the couch and the dining room table…which you can’t see because….wait for it….we didn’t get pictures.  And there were random chairs sitting willy-nilly inside the tent for nearly an hour before I could get to them and arrange them artfully.  Yeah, that never really happened either…but I tried.

It was a great day for The Backyard Bungalow and I promise that the next sale we do I’ll get plenty of pictures to show you.  Not just of our booth, but of the whole market. Shayla Smith sang at the market.  If you haven’t heard of her, check her out here: http://shaylasmith.com/track/somebody-that-i-used-to-know-gotye-cover  There was also a coffee cart that served delicious lattes and a burger truck (Flathead Burger Company) right on the premises that turned out to-die-for jalapeno burgers.  I only had time to eat about 1/3rd of my burger (thanks to Mr. Wonderful, who has yet to learn the full concept of “sharing”), but boy, was it good!

We had a great time visiting with customers and vendors alike.  We’ll be back on July 14th and hope to have more time to visit and take pictures.  Hope to see you there!

The ride home was just as adventuresome!  Stay tuned!

Bye from the bungalow,



  1. Donna Skaggs says:

    You are so funny!!! It was a terrifc weekend and thanks for not making me look like a total idiot for heading to Idaho. I thought we were going to the farm chicks (not!) BTW, how come there are no pictures of you? You’re a lot better looking than me!!!!!

  2. Virginia Callister says:

    Hi, I sure enjoy your blog and love your style. I’m looking at these photos and noticed a taupe-beige colored suitcase/trunk sititng on a blue-ish chair outside the tent. It is rectangular. I am wondering if you painted it that color and if so how? I have one that looks pretty similar. It has closure’s on three sides and when lying down is slanted. Mine has a dark alligator type covering. I am also wondering about the inside. Do you have any experience with the inside of old suitcases? The lining in mine is pretty tattered and worn. Thanks for your input!

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