A Stenciled, Tufted Headboard and other stuff

A while back I showed you a tufted headboard that I was working on.  I had just finished one tufted headboard and had begun stenciling some drop cloth to make another.  I never did show you the finished product. You can see where I started it here. And you can see my first tufted headboard project and tutorial here.

As I said, I stenciled on some drop cloth using a textile paint by Jacquard.  I didn’t have any gray on hand, so I mixed up the white and black that I did have.  If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know that I live in a small town and craft stores are at least an hour’s drive away, so I generally have to make do with what I have.

The stencil was borrowed from a friend who purchased it at Royal Design Studios.  It’s French typography.  I adore it!

Can you tell this was finished while my kitchen was under construction?  Hello, Captain Obvious…you there?

This table was purchased to go in my second guest bedroom, but it turned out to be too big and too tall for the space beside the chair.  It sold at the first show I took it to!

This is a marble-topped table that I purchased and gave it a new coat of paint and a good cleaning.

I don’t normally do this kind of a washed finished ‘cuz I’m not a big fan of it, personally, but I thought I’d give it a try on this

The marble top just needed a good scrubbing and heavy dose of Ooops! Ooops! is a great product for removing old paint, marker and other hard-to-remove stains.

As with the J. B. Weld and Simply Spray, I have no association with the product…I just like it! It works!

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  1. Fantastic!!! Pinning it for sure. Folks would buy these from you, it’s perfect for so many of the rooms I see on blogs. Just beautiful.


  2. HI, Jean

    I love all these piece so much. They are just beautiful and I love that headboard too. You rock!


  3. What a beautiful headboard! Those tables are pretty too! LOVE that marble top!

  4. Wow, that headboard looks amazing!!! I really really like it a lot!


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