About Me

Hey there, Mouseketeers!  Thanks for finding the Bungalow and for having the courage to read All About Me.  You’ve come this far, so I guess we’ll keep on going.

The first and most important thing you need to know about is my husband, the aptly-named Mr. Wonderful.  We’ve been married 28 years–that’s like 114 in dog years!  The second thing you need to know is that we’ve never owned a dog–well, that’s not exactly true.  We had a dog.  He liked to “play in the road.”  He’s no longer with us.  That’s about all I’ll say about that.

But cats?  Heck yeah, we have cats.  Slap my back, I cough up a hairball.  It’s not like we’re hoarders or anything.  No, we’ve settled on just two cats: Cinder and Ash, brother and sister.  Twins.  Best buds.  BFFs.  BCFs?  You’ll notice they like to make cameo appearances in a lot of my photos.  They’ve learned to come running at the sound of the little whirr my camera makes when it clicks on.  They’re like Pavlov cats in that way.

Furniture?  Heck yeah, I’ve got furniture!  Coming out my ears at times.  (Ouch!)  One of the reasons I started this blog (in April 2012) is because I needed an outlet, a way to share all this chippy-peely goodness that was clogging my living room, my dining room, my garage, my hallway, my front porch, my driveway….Well, you get the picture.

The Backyard Bungalow started as a home-based business (what a certain in-law of mine would disparagingly call “a cottage industry”) in 2010 when I finally decided to monetize my life-long passion for collecting antiques, refinishing furniture and creating home-decor eye-candy.  In the waning months of that winter, my husband and I cleaned out our attached garage (which meant finally coming to grips with the fact that we’d never ever use that foot spa-bath, the full-body fishing waders, or the set of lawn darts–a supposedly fun idea we’ll never do again).  We straightened the garage, arranged some of my repurposed furniture in cool scenarios (i.e., a bedroom corner, a kitchen corner, a we-don’t-exactly-know-what-these-are-but-we’re-piling-them-all-in-one-place corner), slapped on some price tags, then sat back and waited for customers to arrive on that Saturday.  And arrive they did.  You know that saying, “If you build it, they will come”?  Well, that Backyard Bungalow turned out to be our personal field of dreams.  The people of western Montana have been so supportive of me over the past few years!  The Backyard Bungalow definitely has a fan club of frequent shoppers.

After twenty years in the Army, Mr. Wonderful and I moved to Butte, Montana in 2009–you can stop with all the snide remarks, we already know we’re the “butt of jokes” everywhere–and have loved just about every minute of it (and when I say “just about,” I’m referring to that winter where it got down to minus-25 degrees and our eyelids froze shut when we stepped outside the door).  We live in a Craftsman home built in 1920 and its many unique rooms and architecture (including the infamous “hall of doors”) is a never-ending source of inspiration for my vintage-oriented imagination.  Butte is also the never-ending supply of projects, courtesy of garage sales, auctions and estate sales.  Some people call these discarded pieces of furniture “trash;” I prefer to call them “treasure which just needs to realize its potential.”  If I have to rescue Butte’s history one stick of furniture at a time, then so be it.

Well, that’s my story.  What else do you want to know “About Me”?  The fact that I love BOTH “Teen Mom” and “Downtown Abbey”?  Or that I have three wonderful children (adults now….for the most part)?  Or that I love me some steak and mashed potatoes chased down with a margarita?  Okay, maybe you didn’t need to know that last part–maybe that’s just between me and my AA sponsor.  Ahem.

Aaanyway….I’m glad you’ve paid a visit to Backyard Bungalow and that you were courageous enough to make it all the way through this page (your award is in the mail).  Please drop a comment on the posts you’ve enjoyed reading and share them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter when you like what you see.


This picture was taken of Mr. Wonderful on his return from a year-long stay in Iraq.  And under that pink hat is the back of my daughter’s head.