Basement Remodel Update: That snail is barely moving…

There’s so much going on around here that I can hardly keep up with the demands of our schedule.  It also means that I don’t have time to take proper pictures of all of the furniture re-styles I’ve done, the store updates and the basement remodel.

Whew!  I knew if I opened a store that I would be married to it, but this is getting ridiculous!

But this post isn’t about the store, it’s about my basement.  I left off with just having the place drywalled and had just hired the “wood guy” to do my floors.  For you locals out there, his name is Doug Shaff and he has done a wonderful job!  Very quick and efficient. (You locals can email me for his number).

Floor shot sanded

This was after a few hours of sanding.  That book in the middle of the floor…is Mr. Wonderful’s idea of a joke.  That ONE book would be my desire for this room….not the kazillion books that will be coming back into this room.  Sigh.

Anyway….you can see that between the above shot and the below shot that we painted the walls.  They’re a lovely shade of grey called Cinderblock.  And yes, I kinda picked it out based on the name.  (If you’re new here, we have a cat named Cinder).

Finished floors and walls bar

All of these shots were taken with my camera phone.  I got a new Windows 8 laptop, which I dislike, and I’m having a hard time uploading photos with my regular camera.  That’s my lazy story and I’m sticking with it!  I should have bought the Mac Book Pro like Mr. Wonderful did.  Oy!

Finished floors fireplace


I think the floors came out spectacular!  The best news is, we didn’t have to do it ourselves!  On a side note, when Wood Guy finished the floors, I went downstairs the morning after the floors dried and saw that they were shiny….I don’t do shiny.

Wood Guy VERY graciously came back and applied a satin finish over top of the glossy finish and it came out nice and un-shiny!  Just the way I like it!

I have FIVE more rooms of this house that will eventually need their floors refinished.  I’ll definitely be calling him back to do all of my floors!

PicMonkey Collage

The remodel is at a standstill at this point.  Studly went on vacation and since getting back, he is currently backed up with other people’s projects.  I am impatiently waiting for him to be un-busy.  (Doesn’t he know I’M more important?)  Sheesh!

Although the bar portion of my basement is looking lovely, the rest of my basement is filled to the brim with things that came out of that room.

The first picture you see above is what greets me at the bottom of the stairs.  The second picture is to the left of the staircase and is the gauntlet of bookcases I have to travel through to get to that room.  The other two pictures are to the right of the staircase and are blocking my laundry chute from my laundry room.  Small irritations in life, I know, but this is the source of my impatience.

What’s funny about this remodel?  I told Mr. Wonderful that this would be done in two weeks!!  Hahahahaha!!  Think he’ll believe me the next time I say something like that?

So, this is where the remodel stands and will stand until Studly can get back over here to help out.

Until then…

Bye from the bungalow,




  1. Slow and steady wins the race! It is looking good even though it is moving along slower than you would like. Blessings and have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. It will never take you as long as this house will take. They will drag our lifeless bodies from within, hammers still clutched in our knarled hands.

  3. You can’t imagine how much your angst about your overwhelming life warms the cockles of my heart (why does cockles sound like a dirty word? it’s a perfectly good word) because “misery loves company” as they say…..we can cry in our beer together! It’s only temporary….right? Tell me I’m right and we’ll both feel more in control instead of like we’re circling the drain…..but….the floors look great and when it’s all done, you’ll look back and say “someone shoot me if I ever suggest that again”……isn’t THAT something to look forward to?

  4. Jean it’s all coming along…slowly but surely. I love your floors…and I’m a little envious of them! Also like the Cinderblock color. Your guy has a pretty good sense of humor. I have never had a remodel job finished in the predicted time frame that my ambition first figured! Hang in there…I know it’s going to marvelous girl!

  5. I am truly sorry Studly is backed up.

  6. The floors look great. I can’t wait to see it finished.



  7. I love the floor and I like a satin finish, too!

    Can’t wait to see it finished!

  8. Your floors are gorgeous even before putting the finish on them. Oh how I love hardwood! Sounds like you’ve been crazy busy, it WILL all get done.

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