Bedroom Reveal: More Vintage Room Ideas!

So I made some new adjustments to our guest room that I absolutely love.

But first off, I want to share this very cute home wall hanging I bought for my daughter’s room. I put it over her bed, and it is absolutely lovely. I bought it on Etsy, if you’re curious about it.

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So I found this super cute idea on, and I went looking for an iron headboard I could use as a clothes hanger in the guest room.

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I finally found one at a yard sale  and attached to our guest bedroom wall. I have to say it’s one of my favorite designs, and I’m thinking about putting one in my room. The wardrobe in the guest room is small and has some of my storage in it, so this extra rack makes it easier for guests to access their clothing. AND it looks super cute.

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There are a lot of cute vintage shelf ideas on, but the one that fit best with my theme in the guest room were these picture frame shelves. They’re easy to put together with some wood pallets and antique frames. They’re a nice addition and hold books and décor well.

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I bought a vintage mirror frame and hung lace across the front for a jewelry holder. It’s a nice place for people to be able to rest their jewelry easily, and I’m all about making things nice for my guests.


So these were my most recent projects. Let me know what you think and if you have any great ideas!

Until next time.


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