My Silver Obsession

I'm writing this post from a beautiful hotel room in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Mr. Wonderful and "Fobbit" are "back on tour" and I'm along for the ride. Shortly after Mr. Wonderful and I were married, we packed up all of our belongings and moved to Eugene, Oregon.  We lived there for three years while Mr. W finished up his bachelor's degree. This … [Read more...]

You Can Never Have Too Many Jell-O Molds

Well, thank you, everyone for your attempts at guiding me in a reasonable direction regarding my basement interior design dilemma. I'm ignoring all of you. Not really.  I just thought it would be funny to say that! I have decided that I will return the blue glass lamps and get the mercury glass lamps I had my eye on...if they're still … [Read more...]

The Cabinet That Came to Stay

Last month, while on the Holiday Shopping Tour in Montana's Flathead Valley, I spotted a large grey cabinet that grabbed me and forced me to take it home. Don't you hate when that happens? Well, since we were traveling in a bus, I really couldn't take the cabinet home that day.  Our hosts Barb and Tom graciously offered to pick it up and … [Read more...]

Take Your “Pick” and Deep Dark Funks

I'm  in a funk. The longer Mr. Wonderful is gone, the deeper the funk. I guess this is what 28 years of marriage does for a relationship. You become so entwined that separation is painful. I really start to lose my mind.  I become completely irrational. Imagine what I was like when Mr. Wonderful was gone to Iraq for a year. Yeah, … [Read more...]

Animal Crackers and Paper Cookies: New Life for Vintage Drawer Fronts

When I blurted out to my husband, this morning, that I had no idea what to blog about today, he suggested I write about these: It's no secret, by now, that I LOVE advertising.  I think I may have mentioned it a few times.  When I saw these two drawer fronts in an antique store, I knew I had to have them.  I had no idea what I was going to do … [Read more...]