Prairie Sisters Party – Vintage Market Eye Candy!

I left Thursday afternoon to head to Stevensville, MT to help my friend Barbara pack up for the Prairie Sisters Party in Kalispell held on Saturday. These gals put on a heck of a show and really know how to make their vendors feel pampered and welcome!  First of all, they have JUNK HUNKS!  What are junk hunks?  They're big, tall, hunky guys … [Read more...]

Take Your “Pick” and Deep Dark Funks

I'm  in a funk. The longer Mr. Wonderful is gone, the deeper the funk. I guess this is what 28 years of marriage does for a relationship. You become so entwined that separation is painful. I really start to lose my mind.  I become completely irrational. Imagine what I was like when Mr. Wonderful was gone to Iraq for a year. Yeah, … [Read more...]

Road Trip!!! “At Home” with Barb and Tom

One of my favorite things about going to vintage markets like the Prairie Sisters Party and The Vintage Whites Market is meeting other vendors.  Like-minded individuals who love junk! I introduced you to Barbara of At Home Montana here.  She and her husband, Tom, are wonderful people and I adore them.  Tom, like Mr. Wonderful, does most of the … [Read more...]

Party on!

Every morning I get up around 6 AM, make myself a latte' and sit down to read my email and write my blog post.  Yesterday my 150, or more, emails got the best of me and I never did get my blog post written.  I guess my brain was having a little meltdown after the long weekend preparing and participating in the Prairie Sisters Party.  As much fun as … [Read more...]

Prepping and Primping for Prairie Sisters

I promised you more pictures of what I was working on for the Prairie Sisters Party, but first I want to share with you why I call my husband Mr. Wonderful. As I mentioned, yesterday was the official release date of his book "Fobbit" and he sent ME flowers.  I should have been sending HIM flowers, but NO...he sent ME flowers.  And his agent, … [Read more...]