Use What You Have to Make Something Fabulous!

Since Mr. Wonderful and I started married life out broke as a joke (but weren't laughing), we had to learn to improvise to make things work. Want to see an early example of that? You do? Great!  I was gonna show it to you, anyway!   Ta da!  One day back in 1984, while I was napping, Mr. Wonderful unpacked several boxes in … [Read more...]

Vintage Bed Spring Wreath – Finally finished!

Way back in September, I posted that I had wired together some bed springs to make a wreath.  Check it out here. I also stated that until I could find a solution for "keeping it round" when hung, it would stay on the floor in my office. Which it did. For months. Under a chair. Gathering dust and cat hair. Ewww. I tried … [Read more...]

A Pictureless Christmas and Modge-Podge Magnets

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  I know I did.  We celebrated it with Mr. Wonderful's parents who drove five hours on Christmas Day to be with us.  My Father-in-law is an interim pastor at a church in Kalispell and has a late night Christmas Eve service...hence the drive on Christmas Day. Mr. Wonderful and I spent the morning waiting … [Read more...]

Tufted Headboards and How They’re like Corsets

So, each morning I sit at my computer and wonder what I'm going to blog about.  Some days this is hard because I haven't done anything extraordinary the day before.  Because, you know, life as a 52 year-old can be kinda...well...dull. Yesterday, I did something extraordinary.  Not in the bigger-than-life kind of extraordinary, but extraordinary … [Read more...]

Animal Crackers and Paper Cookies: New Life for Vintage Drawer Fronts

When I blurted out to my husband, this morning, that I had no idea what to blog about today, he suggested I write about these: It's no secret, by now, that I LOVE advertising.  I think I may have mentioned it a few times.  When I saw these two drawer fronts in an antique store, I knew I had to have them.  I had no idea what I was going to do … [Read more...]