Check Me Out On Debbiedoos!

Good morning!

If you want to see what I was up to yesterday, go check out Debbiedoos blog!  Debbie does home tours each Friday and today it’s my home.  Well, some of it, anyway.  I gave her all “fresh” material.

So, go check it out!

Are you still here?

What are you waiting for?


Bye from the bungalow,




I’m off to another estate sale!


  1. Hi Jean…came over from Debbie’s….now I am adding you to my blogroll. You and I decorate a lot alike. Not that I have the beautiful furniture you have, but I too am addicted to kitchen ware, rolling pins…and I am so going to look for some hairnet packages! Nice to meet you….I am your newest stalker…oh, I meant follower!

    • Welcome, welcome, welcome! Stalk on! Check eBay for the hair nets. I saw on an auction that had like twenty in it and emailed the seller and asked if I could buy just four and they said “okay!”.

  2. Just saw your home tour and loved it!! Your home is just beautiful and your commentary was the best! 🙂

  3. Hello Jean, I’m stopping over from zee feature at Mizz Doos. I can’t believe you would cover orange polka dots, are zay not French? My fav’s would hands down be all zee tins and signs. Love zem. Will now snoop around zee blog while I am here.


  4. Hi Miss Jean! I just wanted to come over and thank you for the tour. My readers loved it, and just thought you were so cute and funny! I know how to pick em:) You were a real hit. Have a great weekend.

  5. Janice H says:

    Hi Jean! The house tour was fabulous. I’ve been a follower for a while now and I love your style and sense of humor. Mr. Wonderful’s blog looks great too. I love bungalows but live in a reproduction of a colonial era house here in New England. Your collections are great and I love your “artwork”! My decorating involves a lot of “early attic” treasures passed down from family. Love repurposing things. Keep up the good work! You inspire me and make me smile just about every day!

    • Thanks for letting me know that, Janice! It feels great to know that I can inspire someone AND make them smile!

  6. Oh wow! Your home is gorgeous! I love how you painted over the dark pine bedroom set, it’s so fresh now. Your kitchen gadgets and furniture are so charming! I think I need to come over and shop in your home. Very nice!

  7. Jean, I just saw your post on Debbiedoo’s and loved it! You have such a fun blog and great style! I’m now following-hope you visit and say hello 🙂

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