Dresser Revival: Making New Out Of Aged

Many of my posts revolve around bringing back life to vintage, aged, or roughed-up furniture. Not only can it be a money-saver, it also gives you a chance to create something beautiful and unique.

Some of my favorite revivals revolve around dressers. Some get made into new dressers, others get made into entertainment centers or shelves.

Check out these amazing dresser revivals.




PC: Evolution of Style Blog


I like the way Evolution of Style Blog used the bottom drawer as a shelf. The colors are also very cute.



PC: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

This beautiful revival by Confessions of a Serial DIYer just made me melt. I love the color of paint she chose and she decorated very sweetly afterwards. Plus, notice the beautiful restored wood she left at the top.

PC: Bobvila.com

I’m absolutely in love with this idea. You can do a beautiful neutral tone for the dresser and then brighten it up with colorful patterns on the sides and insides of your drawers.

PC: Apple House Revival

I love this beautiful restoration. I love the way Apple House Revival kept the wood look of the drawers and accented with a beautiful color.

PC: Pinterest

And of course this dresser to entertainment center is just stunning and fits so beautifully into any entertainment room. I love this idea.

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