Guest Bedroom Reveal!

Guest Bedroom Reveal!

I’m so happy with how this turned out!

I love vintage style so I upgraded our guest bedroom with some new stuff.

One of my favorite aspects is the ceiling mirror. It’s in the shape of a flower and it lends itself to the airy feel of our vintage guest room.

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My little girl has been lying on the guest bedroom bed making faces at herself as she hangs her head off the foot of the bed. I like how it creates space and makes the room look brighter and bigger. The style of the flower makes it look unique.

I would explore “mirror stickers” for ceiling mirror ideas to fit your home. There are a lot of cute options out there.

I looked for some vintage room ideas around Pinterest and stuff, and I ended up using this photo collage as my inspiration. I love the neutral, airy colors.

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I painted the walls an off-white that lends itself to the grey and neutral tones in this collage.

I antiqued the wardrobe and the bedside tables in the room with a similar grey-finish to these pictures. And I furnished the room with old globes, and a filing cabinet with old medicine tonics and old vases on top to add to the vintage feel. And of course the old iron bed frame was a must. That adds to the whole room.

I also found a velvet, wood chair to put in the corner from our local antique shop. So far, it’s freaking adorable. I’m looking into getting a small shelf for some books or a way to adjust a tv in there in a complimentary way. You know, got to have those amenities.

So maybe another blog post on it soon.

Thanks for reading!


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