Guest Bedroom Reveal

Drum roll…

Orchestra fanfare….

Curtain rising….



That sounds so exciting, doesn’t it?  Well, I hope this post lives up to the hype.

Let’s start with a view from the door:

This is the bedroom as we saw it with the realtor in 2009.  The view is also taken from the door, but as you can see the bed is on a different wall.

This is how I had it decorated the first time around.  Remember, I was in a hurry to get my house ready for a “Dust to Dazzle” home tour shortly after we moved in, so don’t judge too harshly!  This was a case of using what you have. None of this furniture was used in the make-over (and no animals were harmed in the making of this re-do).

Now, let’s get back to the reveal, shall we?  This is a shot toward the door.

I always wanted to do a wall with hand mirrors, but now that it’s done, I’m not sure it’s really working.  I can’t decide if it’s clashing with the rest of the room or not.  What say you?  One thing’s for sure, Snow White’s evil stepmother would have a heyday in this room!

Here’s a close-up of a dress I wore to a tap dancing recital when I was three years old.  It was hand-sewn by my Mother. How I’ve kept it over the years with our muy, muy moves, I’ll never know.  It could explain my fascination with the color red.

Another one of my all-time favorite pieces.  This is a red cabinet I purchased at an antique store in Ennis, MT.  When I saw it, I fell in love and HAD to have it.  Mr. Wonderful…not so much…it took a little convincing.  (Check out how the ceiling curves down toward the walls. This is the only room in the house like this.  Interesting, no?)

Check out the chippy, worn details on that cabinet.  I don’t know what the torn stickers were, but they were on both cabinet windows.  Yummy!  You can’t find things like this at Pottery Barn.

To balance the room out, I added this small red washstand to the side of the room opposite the large red cupboard.  I have the perfect lamp for this spot, but it is currently sitting in a storage shed about 5 hours away.

The radiator and windows lie in between the two red pieces.  I am hoping to eventually make this more of a window seat in the future. I have pillows on order from Antique Farmhouse.  The “curtains” are actually vintage pillow covers embellished with redwork embroidery. I don’t like cutting off natural light sources, so they only cover the lower half of the window for privacy.

I found some pillowcases that also had redwork embroidery and thought they coordinated well with the makeshift curtains and added a small pop of red on the bed.

And finally, the bright red chandelier!  And my cat, Cinder.  Every time I came up to this room to take pictures, she would jump on the bed and writhe and coo like a super model.  Perhaps my other cat, Ash, filled her in on all the blog air-time he was getting. I just HAD to include this shot!

And the jelly cupboard, once again.

Here’s a small rundown of what we did to this room:

Painted and added chair rail:  Grey paint color is Drizzling Mist by Valspar.

New bed frame: $20 church garage sale  painted with Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey and Old White.

Bedding:  The grey and off-white bedding came from Target, the plain off-white bedding came from Walmart.  I made the pillows from old embroidered napkins and European grain sacks.

Lamps:  Hmmm…can’t remember where I purchased the lamps, but the shades were from Lowe’s that I recovered in drop cloth.

End Tables: They were a trade which I painted with AS Paris Grey.

Sign: I painted over an existing old advertising sign (don’t worry, it was ugly) and stenciled it with a stencil purchased from Maison de Stencils.  (I also have more of these in different colors for sale).  The black-and-white “clothing” sign came from a local antique store.

Vanity:  Purchased for $20 from a “hoarders” house.  (Trust me, it was bad!)  Painted with AS Paris Grey and white craft paint.

Red cupboard and washstand purchased at local antique stores taken from another guest bedroom and incorporated into the design of this bedroom.

Jelly Cupboard was a gift painted in AS Old White.

Rug purchased at Joss and Main specifically for this makeover.

Things left to do:

Bring chippy, peely old door up and see if it works in the corner by the vanity.

Purchase a bed skirt.

Turn radiator cover into a proper bench.

Last but not least, find a queen box spring that comes in two pieces!  The box spring currently in the room is a full size because I could not get the queen box spring up my old, wind-y, narrow staircase!  Hmpfff!

Bye from the Bungalow,




Edited to add:  I lost this entire post…it disappeared and with it all of the parties that I’d linked to!  Ugh!!  So, if I linked to your party and you don’t see your blog here, please let me know and I’ll add it.  Technology!

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  1. Love it, Jean! What a great transformation! I love the red you’ve brought into the room and how you brought it in. Love the hand mirrors. What’s on their reverse? Maybe it’s all the mirrors on that wall throwing you, but I think it looks fine. If the reverse sides are pretty, you could always turn them around. Great job!

    • Whew..thanks, Kathy! I never know if it’s gonna be a complete fail to the rest of the world or not! All but two of the mirrors on the wall are plain ivory…I forgot what the name of the material is. I wanted to keep them all the same…I’m kinda of a less is more person. Thanks again for looking and commenting! 🙂

  2. Love what you have done with the room! Interesting colors, and everything matches perfectly! Congrats!

  3. OH MY! It’s fabulous!! It’s so cozy and inviting. I LOVE the pieces you have in there. Dare to be different with the hand mirrors. They add punch. Lovely redo!

  4. jean,
    this room is gorgeous! i love the pops of red mixed with the off-whites and grey. the furniture is perfect, especially those you’ve painted. i think the hand mirrors look great, in fact they were one of the first things i noticed in your pic. the clothing sign is wonderful…love black & white typography. i understand with the queen bed, we had to purchase the split box for ours since the door with the incline of the stairway wouldn’t allow the full box to go up. well done and lucky guest who gets to stay in that room!

    • Oh, whew! You’ve given me hope that a split queen box spring even exists!! Awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by again and leaving your kudos!

  5. I love it! Looks like a B & B! I like the mirrors. Love the hints of red, esp. The story behind the dress!

    • You’re too kind, Vickie! I really am amazed that I still have that dress! I used to put it on my daughter and think “was I really ever that small?”

  6. I love the feel of this room – airy and cozy at the same time. You are so talented. I have all the cabinets from a circa 1930 kitchen in my basement. Maybe you’ll come to Boston with David in March and do something with them.

    • Oh, Sue! More than likely, I’d steal them and take them home with me and put them in my own kitchen!!

  7. DG Strong says:

    The hand mirrors: brilliant, but turn them upside down so they don’t immediately read as “hand mirror grouping.” There’ll be a good moment where they just look like groovy-framed mirrors.

  8. Virginia says:

    Wow! I love every single detail of the room. Where do you live again and when can I come stay in your guest room!? Perfect! Great job. Oh and I really like the hand mirrors. I never would have thought of that.

  9. I am in love with the hand mirror wall (I have a couple – started a collection to do just the same thing but I’ve got a way to go)! Maybe if you turn a few upside down and turn others with the mirror facing the wall, you’d like the look more (just a thought).

    All your red touches are fabulous – that cabinet is amazing (stickers and all) and your chandelier rocks!

    And I’m pinning that hand mirror wall!

    • I think it’s official now, the hand mirrors stay! Would you believe I just started that collection about a month ago? I was thinking maybe the large mirror on the vanity/desk should go and put up MORE mirrors. Whaddaya think? Thanks for always having something good to say, Kelly!

  10. What a beautiful and cozy guest room! Your red cabinet is gorgeous and would have come home with me, too. The hand mirror wall is FANTASTIC! love, love, LOVE IT!! 🙂

  11. This is so ka-ute! I love it all. What a great old red chippy hutch and wash stand. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

    • Thanks for hosting it, Kim…really. I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but us newbies especially appreciate it!

  12. This room is so adorable it makes my heart hurt! Don’t you DARE change anything about those mirrors. That is one of the most clever things I have seen in years. I’m also in love with all of the pops of red and the amazing textures throughout the room. What a talent, what a talent! Your guests have no idea how lucky they are. Mine get to sleep on our family room floor on a leaky air mattress next to the hampster cage. Yikes.

    • Isn’t it funny how the thing you think is “bad” everyone else likes?!! Thanks for the kudos…so appreciated! I’m sure your hospitality more than makes up for the hampsters!

  13. I love this! The mirrors are a great idea. And the red cabinet….LOVE. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Beth in DC says:

    I love all the red, and I really love the hand mirrors! I had the exact same idea for my daughters room. I think it looks great.

  15. Love your bedroom transformation. Your mirrors on the wall are so cool. The red chandy also makes a nice pop of color. I am one of your new followers. Feel free to visit my blog.

    • Kelly, thanks for popping over! I just checked out your blog. I love Pennsylvania with it’s green rolling hills…and Adamstown has the best antique shops!

  16. Wow!!! what a great transformation. I really like how you used the red to pop throughout the room. You did a great job and the mirrors are so cool.

  17. I LOVE what you’ve done in your guest room. You have some wonderful old painted pieces that add so much charm to your room. I happen to really like the mirrors hanging on the wall.
    Mary Alice

    • I’m so happy to get the feedback about the mirror wall. It’s staying…in fact I already bought another mirror! Thanks for coming by the blog!

  18. Every little bit of your room is wonderful. I love the bits of red and the hand mirror wall!

  19. Oh my goodness, you have done amazing things with this room. The new bed placement makes it so much more interesting and wow, you have wonderful pieces in here. I can see why you’ve kept that dress. What little (or big) girl wouldn’t have been mesmerized by that sequin trim. It caught my eye! You have a great eye for design and I’m so glad I found you through At The Picket Fence. I hope you’ll stop and see me at Quirky Vistas.

  20. Much, much better! I DO like the grey walls and new location of the bed. Keep the mirrors as is. Cool effect! Also like the jelly cupboard – it had to have a new look for that room! The red cupboard looks better in that room and the red chandelier is the crowning touch. Beautiful room!!

    • Well, now the room you normally stay in is all torn apart, of course. I’m still trying to figure out what to do in there. I know I DO want to put in a bigger bed! Thanks for commenting, Claire!

  21. What a great room with so much style and personality. I love the grey and white painted furniture and I love the mirror collection too.

  22. I adore this room! Can I come stay pleeeeeaaaase? The mirror collection is totally working, it caught my attention right away, very clever!

  23. Oh my… I just don’t think I could love a room more! The colours, collections, the old stuff… it’s perfect!!! Thanks for the lovely eye candy. 🙂

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 140. 🙂


    • Donna, thanks so much for posting this on your facebook page! I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now, but I’m not much of a comment leaver. I love your style! We have a similar penchant for advertising! Can’t get enough of it. I tell people I must have been a grocer in a past life! haha!

  24. Love the hand mirrors! I think you are seeing too much hardened lines?! Maybe a vintage lace bow hanger over and falling behind one on either side of the dresser might soften them a little.

  25. Get. Out. Of. Here.!!!! I LOVE this room! Everything about it is so inviting! Can I come and stay a week or so?

    • As long as you’re willing to help me paint the room next door…’cuz now it’s a mess! lol! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  26. Jean,

    I so very much adore every little detail in the room … including Cinda posing on the bed (that may be my favorite shot of all).

    Seriously the pops of red and that chandelier? To die for! And so glad you talked hubby into that chippy red armoire. And your jelly cabinet — I’m pretty sure I’ve shared with you my love of that piece in the past …

    I see you being featured all over blog world in the next few weeks … my reco? Party this room like there’s not tomorrow … space it out over the next few weeks … it’ll keep those features (and that traffic) coming strong and steady!



    • Linda, thanks for the suggestion. I think I maybe partied out unless you know of more blogs than I do. If so, please share! Thanks for the continued support…I’m sure you know it means a lot to us newbies!

  27. Debbie Jo says:

    Did you ever try the handmirrors with their handles in the center and the whole thing looking like a sunburst? If you wanted them to flank the dressing table, just split the sun in two. Just a thought. Love the rest.

  28. The room is devine! The handmirros are what I noticed first! Can you please tell me how you attached them to the wall? I have a small collection and a few are metal and a little heavy and I am not sure what to hang them with. You have done an excellent job on this room and should be so proud. I just love it can you tell….LOL!

    • Lin, thanks for the compliment! I posted the solution to hanging the mirrors on yesterday’s blog. Some of my mirrors are kinda heavy, too and it seems to be working well!

  29. I love all the red accents!

  30. This is an amazing room!!! I seriously had to scroll up and down a few times just to take in all of the charming details. The hand mirrors on the wall was genius!! You did such an incredible job and we are so thrilled you shared it with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! 🙂

  31. Wow! What a transformation. This room is so gorgeous!! I love the color combination.

  32. Looks great…love the pops of red…and the wall of mirrors 🙂 Laurel

  33. Wow, gorgeous!! So lovely.. don’t know where to start lol … love the collections of mirrors and also the red every where 🙂 Great makeover! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

    • Thank you so much and thanks for coming all this way! I have a friend who lives on the Gold Coast. I’m so anxious to visit her one day…when I’m up for the 2 day plane ride!

  34. LOVE IT!!!!! When can I come???? LOL I’d rob you blind if I could get that big stuff out of there. Seriously you did a fabuloso job.

  35. You did an amazing job on this makeover! I love what you’ve done!!
    Thanks for sharing, I found you at Pin the Tail party!! 🙂

  36. I love, love, love this room, Jean! Which is quite a departure for me…’cause I’m not usually a fan of red. But I must say your use of it throughout has made me “see red” in a different light. 😉

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope you’ll join the fun each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  37. Your room looks beautiful! I love the colors you’ve chosen such a great contrast.

  38. I love the red and gray together! so new and fresh, great job.
    d e n i s e

  39. LOVE!! Saw this shared on FB and had to check it out – newest fan! the colors are just lovely together, and love all the “chippy” pieces:)

    • Hi Liz, thanks for checking us out! I love the pictures of your dining room…love that blue! I’m using a similar blue in my next guest bedroom makeover.

  40. BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about this room. The red cabinet…amazingly wonderful.

  41. CHayhurst says:

    Years ago we cut the wood in a boxspring in order to fold it in half to get up some stairs. Screwed it back together. That was better then plan B, which was to remove a window! Thanks for sharing your lovely room.

    • Oh, shoot! I wish you had written that a week ago…I gave the box springs away to the mission. I was going to purchase new box springs…the kind that come in two sections. I never thought of screwing it back together. Doh! What a good idea!

  42. This is beautiful! I love all the mirrors and the red. The older I get the more I love red in a room. Please come do a makeover for me! Love this!!

  43. Jamie Peterson says:

    I’m so in love with this bedroom. I just did a big bathroom remodel using red, white and black, and now I want my bedroom to coordinate with it. I really like the idea of the chair rail with paint above and below. I was thinking of using bead board paneling on the bottom but couldn’t really afford it at this time. I think now I’ll use the paintable textured wallpaper on the bottom of a chair rail and leave it white with red above. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you so much. My favorite comments are ones in which I’m told that I’ve inspired someone else! Go forth and paint the town/bedroom red!!


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