Hey Girl, Don’t Craft The Cats!

A moment of fun.

We all know those ‘hey, girl’ memes…usually of Ryan Gosling (ultra hot movie star). But I’ve seen a trend towards ‘hey,girl’ memes and regular guys with nice smiles too. I think these ones are a little more down-to-earth and fun.

And even better, ‘hey, girl’ memes that are about crafting and diy projects.

I get so busy with my diy projects I’m surprised I haven’t tried dressing my cats up in re-purposed flour sacks. Not that I haven’t thought of it…

I’ll share a few for a laugh.

Thanks to Bliss Ranch for her little Valentine’s Day Link Party, a few crafters also shared pictures of their husbands with ‘hey, girl’ memes. It’s a lot of fun!

(Photo Credit: http://www.willscasa.com/2013/02/hey-girl/)

(Photo Credit: http://imsharonwithyou.blogspot.com/2013/02/hey-girl.html)

Hahahaha! Love them. Clever and relatable.

Share in the comments any that you have made, or make and share them! Have some fun today.


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