How To Decorate With Furs

Furs can be a beautiful way to accent a room. I would say that it looks rather Scandinavian. And in my searching for vintage and rustic ideas, furs often feature in gorgeous spreads.

Some of us might have moral reasons for abstaining from fur, and there are tons of options for beautiful, synthetic fur.

Here are some of my favorite ways to decorate and style with furs.

The texture of fur is what adds that special quality to some features. In this case, the texture of the fur compliments the skull. It’s rustic and beautiful. A small piece that adds that special accent.

Fur throw pillows are a gorgeous accent to a couch, bed, hammock, chair, whatever really. The texture, mixed with wool or cotton or especially knit, is really complimentary.

Fur throws or blankets are a great way to keep warm as well as a great style choice. The texture can complement a bedroom or a couch very nicely.

Fur rugs are an exquisite addition to any room. I would advise to buy quality stuff for rugs, since they get a lot of traction you want the wear to show well on the rugs.

Drape some fur over chairs to add texture and coziness to your favorite seats in the house. I’ve also seen kitchen chairs that carry run nicely around the dining room table.

Share some of your favorite fur styling tips in the comments below!



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