I’m Just Firkin Around: Painting the Sugar Bucket


I wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” to Eclectically Vintage for featuring Backyard Bungalow’s Ceiling Tin Magnetic Board on their “It’s a Cinch Party Fabulous Features“.  I am humbled and thrilled!!  Go check out their blog!


Sometimes the clutter of “to do” items in my office gets so overwhelming that I just don’t know where to start first.  There are times when I get so overwhelmed I do nothing at all.  Today was NOT one of those days.  I decided to tackle this little pile of clutter.  Some of which have been sitting there for weeks!



I love firkins!  Otherwise known as sugar buckets.  These particular firkins are not that old.  You can tell by the stapled bands as opposed to nailed bands.  The firkins with the nailed bands and original paint can go for hundreds of dollars!  I don’t have that kind of cheddar, so I’m gonna create my own.  The middle firkin’s lid says “cookies”.  It’s somewhat recessed, so that baby has got to be sanded down.



I’m an impatient DIY’er, so no photos of the sanded down lid.  Meh…you can picture it in your head, right?

On to painting.  With what else?  Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Old White and Paris Grey and for the middle firkin, a mix of the two for an ombre’ look.  I learned that word from other blogs…it means… shaded or graduated in tones.  I’m not much on trends, but I felt this look would be appropriate for these firkins and the room they are going in.  Next is waxing.  I use Howard’s Feed n Wax.  This stuff smells great, goes on EASY and is less expensive than any other brand I’ve tried.  I have it on all of my painted furniture and it holds up great.  Only the lid is waxed in this next picture.  See how it brings out a darker tone in the wood and the paint?  I love that!



And the grand ta da!



And from the other side…



As for the rest of the pile in my office…I finished those as well and then some.  I’ll show you tomorrow!

Bye from the Bungalow,



  1. Fabulous – love the ombre effect!!

    And your feature at our Cinch party was well deserved!

  2. In terms of measure, the word cask is amigbuous. A firkin is a cask, as is a pin and a kilderkin, etc. Firkins and pins are most common (firkin=9 gallons, pin=4.5) though occasionally you’ll see a kilderkin which is 18 gallons.

    • I’ve never heard of the word “firkin” as a measurement term…so, I had to look it up
      fir·kin (fûrkn)
      1. A small wooden barrel or covered vessel.
      2. Any of several British units of capacity, usually equal to about 1/4 of a barrel or 9 gallons (34 liters).


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