Messy and Lazy–That’s How I Roll

I’m almost done!  With the upstairs guest room makeover, that is.  I’ve painted the last piece of furniture that belongs in that room, did some fluffing of accessories and I’m almost ready to call it finis.

I had to paint, sand and wax this piece in the room, which made it an even bigger project because it’s completely messy. Why did I have to do it inside the room?

Because this is a large piece of furniture.  I live in an old house with narrow, winding, turning stairs that make it difficult, if not impossible, to get large pieces of furniture up and down said stairs.  And no one else was home to help me move it.  Not that I would have toted it downstairs…’cuz that’s how I roll. Lazy.  Apparently, I would rather take an hour to clean up this chalky mess than move a piece of furniture up and down a narrow, wind-y staircase.  BTW, this picture looks out of focus because the room was filled with a chalky haze after sanding.  It. was. everywhere.

This is how the jelly cupboard looked before painting.  Well, clearly, I had started painting the top and then I remembered I have a blog and …well…who doesn’t like a good “before and after”?  This piece was given to us by my in-laws.  They’d had it quite a while and now I’m thrilled to call it my own!  I hope some day to pass it on to one of my children.  It’s made from beautiful pine, but was starting to take on a kind of orange-ish tone.

This is how the jelly cupboard looks in the room now.  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the way Annie Sloan’s chalk paint distresses.  It’s perfect!  I’ve tried other chalk paints before.  I’ve even tried the make-it-yourself recipe.  I keep coming back to Annie Sloan’s paint because of the ease of distressing. It just doesn’t get any better…or easier. I also wanted to share with you where I order my paint: Periwinkle Pass Studio.  There are stockists who are closer to me, but I always buy from her because she ships soooo fast!  Just thought I’d let you know!

I had plans to reveal the whole room today, but there are still too many unfinished projects.  Maybe on Monday after I get the bright red chandelier hung!

Bye from the bungalow,


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  1. I love what you did with this piece of furniture! I bet that piece was a lot of work! I love craftsman homes too… and would love to see your upstairs finished. You are inspiring me… 🙂 Thank You

  2. It looks great. I agree…there is nothing like AS Chalk Paint. It’s the best.

    • I just found out today that I can finally get it nearby! They’ve just started selling it at an antique store about an hour away! woohoo!!

  3. Love how this turned out! 🙂

  4. Bright Red Chandelier! Oh my. Oh me. I cannot wait to see …

    Yeah, I’m dorky that way. The jelly cupboard turned out amazingly wonderful! And won’t it be funny that when you give it to your kids the whole non-painted wood look is back in style and they’ll be cursing you out as they try to strip it and the realized they need to outsource it to the “strip and dip” shop …

    Just saying … best laid plans ….



    • That would be poetic justice! This was one of the only pieces that my in-laws gave us that wasn’t painted. All the other pieces we stripped and re-finished. Now, I would probably just paint over them! the red chandelier just got hung up! Pics to come on Monday!

  5. It looks so much better painted! And I’m intrigued by your mention of a red chandelier…

  6. I would like to know the name and color of the paint you used to paint the walls. Love it! Also, i find life so funny that i am following your blog and another blog called the empty nest and you both rave over AS chalk paint. She is near DC as far as i can figure. bTW can’t wait to see the red lighting.

    • I just found out I can get the chalk paint an hour away! yay! The color of the grey paint is Drizzling Mist by Valspar. It covered the wall in one coat…it was wonderful!

    • Love your site and all the fun things that you have done. We are so alike; I do things the hard way and make more work for myself as well, I discovered The Feathered Nest site about a week ago and was reading about antiquing furniture pieces ( can be a lot of layers and work) until I read about Annie’s chalk paint . There is a store about an hour from me as well (I live in Levittown, PA, near Phila) and was so happy to be able to buy it there. I love your tutorials, as they are very informative.
      We are re-doing our bedroom, which has a pop-corn ceiling, and rather than rip it all down, replaster, etc; we were advised that we could bead board the ceiling. We have bead board on the walls now just like you have in your guest bedroom. I thought I would make the ceiling white and the molding around the top of the ceiling white. The bead board on the walls is cream color. Should I paint the bead board to match the color above it on the wall? I have a beautiful robin’s egg blue color I want to use, it is fairly light in color. Tell me what you think of that, if you would be so kind?

  7. What a great cupboard …. the makeover is wonderful 🙂


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