Mid-Century Makeover: An Office Facelift

My office has gone through more transformations than Michael Jackson’s face.  And it’ll probably go through several more before I’m done.

Yesterday, I showed you this “before” photo of one wall in my office.  This is how it looked when I first started blogging, months ago.

I liked it, but after a few months of living with the dresser (and empty frames), I realized it wasn’t as functional as I’d hoped it would be.  The drawers were great for my sewing stuff, but the gobs of knobs and hardware I have were taking up mucho drawer space.  The bottoms of the deep drawers were filled, but that left about 3/4 of the drawer empty.

There’s a phrase I repeat often, “I hate wasted space.”  In fact, I hate waste of any kind.

Clearly this is the motivating force behind my business.

I like to save stuff. As in, rescue. Not as in hoard.

I like to give things a purpose.

But, I digress.

Sometimes things in my stash work great and sometimes I wait for something better to come along.  I found a great little piece at a thrift store thinking I would re-style it for sale.  After I finished it, I decided it might work better in my office than the dresser.

At first, I thought maybe it would look too modern in this space, but I liked it.  I love the mix of modern and vintage, so it really worked for me.

I searched for an hour looking for my “before” picture.  I KNEW I had one…I just couldn’t find it! Then I decided to search my blog and found this one:

It’s another mid-century piece, which, of course has those unfortunately unshapely legs.  I switched them out with more shapely ones. In my mind, it takes the piece from mid-century to modern.

You can’t see it in the before pictures, but the  knobs on the doors were just above the center of the “X”. I really didn’t like that look and thought about leaving them off altogether, but there was no way to get the door open without some kind of a handle. I decided to fill in the original hole with wood filler and then centered the handle on the “X”.  I painted them the same color as the “X”, in hopes that they would “disappear”. I also loved these Hobby Lobby knobs that look ridiculously similar to the ones I have on the entertainment center in my office.

The doors and shelving provide a lot more space for my separated containers of knobs.  Before, they were just all jumbled on top of each other in the drawer.

Not only did I get my hardware organized, but I managed to get  other things out of my closet and off of my desk and I still have a compartment to the left that has nothing in it!  I’m sure that won’t last long.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

That is…until….I find something I like better!

Bye from the bungalow,


  1. I rescue, and wait for the inspiration to hit me. You do a great job, thanks!

  2. How sweet is the room decor. I love all the details you added.


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