My Experience Finding The Best Solar Companies In NJ

I’ve been wanting to get solar panels for my house in NJ. But I’ve been putting it off because of all the research I knew it was going to take to figure it out.  I wish my explanation made me feel better over losing out on those savings over the years I’ve put it off.

It’s hard to know who to trust, which solar companies are the best and most trustworthy, and who offered the best deals on solar energy in NJ.

After finding an article about how easy it is to get solar panels now, and how much homeowners are saving, I decided I should do the research and figure it out. As much as I love home design, vintage furniture, and diy projects, I’m very involved with self-sufficiency, sustainability, and how to make my home an energy-saving asset.

I’m hoping my research saves some of you precious time and money, and that you find it helpful. Even if you don’t live in the NJ area, some of the companies are international and you can use them wherever you are.


Key Issues

For me, the key issues in solar energy service are best deals, customer service, and convenience.

After calling around and researching, I narrowed it down to two solar companies, and another company called Solar Visit.

Solar Visit a bit different than the typical solar company in a few ways: they act as a connecting company rather than a one-size-fits-all solar company—instead, they have all the connections to the best deals, best info, best companies, etc. in solar energy.

In my opinion, Solar Visit is the best starting place when trying to go solar—more on that in a moment.

Of course, a disclaimer before we start: Everyone has a unique situation and might find different solar companies to be a better fit. I chose the solar companies I felt could fit the most variety of financial and home situations. These opinions are solely my own.


The Best Deals


 Solar Visit: Solar Visit has access to the very best prices and deals because they have access to that info. That’s kind of what their company is. The representative was very kind and helpful—she advised me on going solar, what would be the best fit for me financially and life-wise, connected me to the best deals and the best solar company for me personally. This shaved a whole lot of research time (so much that I wish I’d started here) and helped me understand what to search for in a solar company to fit my needs.

Solar City NJ: I believe Solar City is a company available in most states in the U.S. They say they have the best, most current equipment for the best price (and they did have some great deals). They are a leading solar provider and, therefore, have access to some of the best tech. They also give free quotes (like many solar companies, it’s kind of the standard now).

I was most interested in their $0 down, low-monthly-fixed-rate solar panel program they have. It allows a homeowner to make an investment without sinking into debt.  However, Solar City has various financing options for different situations, which makes them very competitive.

Their website even maps out financing options for people and how each variation works. You can finance using solar loans, leasing, buying the panels outright, or using the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option. AND they claim their panels outlast competitors by 10 years (thanks to rigorous testing) AND they cover all system and roofing repairs for no additional costs for the life of the system.

Another great thing, is that I didn’t really have to call them to get all this great info. Their website if very user-friendly, and they are transparent about their costs.
Solar Works NJ:  They do system design and installation “on time and on budget,” guaranteed.  They provide service and support throughout the installation process, AND they offer a 6-year warranty on their equipment.

They’ve also got $0 down financing options—though are less transparent on their website about what that means and financing options in general. However, they have free consultations and are very easy to talk to in order to get that info.


The Best Customer Service


Solar Visit: Solar Visit ended up being the place I wished I started. While their webpage could use some work (it has an opt-in form for a free quote that I think inspires a person to be skeptical), they were a very nice surprise.

Their customer service was outstanding, and they contacted me soon after I filled out the form. They took things at my speed, they were useful, helpful, and didn’t rush me. Everything was based on what I needed to understand and which solar energy situation would best suite me.

And yes, I did end up using the solar company they recommended me.

Solar City NJ:  While they’re a bigger business, their local suppliers still have customer service that reflects a local company.   The representative was very helpful and talkative so I didn’t make a fool of myself by asking silly questions. They have a helpful chat system on their web site you can use (instead of calling them if you’re telephone-bashful or if you just need a quick response). Very convenient and user-friendly.

Solar Works NJ: This company has a great local and home-town vibe. Trustworthy vibes and customer service is the home-brewed stuff.  And that’s exactly what I got. No complaints here. Awesome interactions with them through telephone and my neighbor recommended them to me.


Most Convenient


Solar Visit: Convenience is the name of Solar Visit’s game. It took a lot of time off research (especially if I had started there), and they really know their stuff. You get a solid idea of what you need, great connections, and great direction.

While I think they could use some work on their web-site, it’s still user-friendly. It’s not necessarily bad or anything…I think I just want more as an investigator.

Regardless, user-friendly and quite handy.

Solar City NJ: They take care of their solar panels and their system repairs at no cost to you. Obviously, this is a big convenience.

Solar City also has other equipment you can buy, like batteries which will help power you through power outages.

Their site is my favorite site of the businesses I visited. They’re transparent, functional, and easy to navigate.

And you get the perks of a bigger business, such as more equipment, but still get the local convenience of the suppliers.

Solar Works NJ: Though they have the convenience of many other solar companies, they make installments very easy and they are convenient to work with.

They have specialists for each stage of the job so you can rest assured things are getting done correctly. They supply you fiscal and energy evaluation so that you understand what you’re getting and you don’t have to do the math.
They provide other perks that are great like onsite evaluation (determine which system is best for your place), SREC aggregator, and all NJCEP paperwork.


My Concluding Thoughts


Okay, so obviously I think Solar Visit wins on these key issues for solar companies in NJ…or really anywhere in the U.S. They gave me the advantage with less guess-work, easy access to the best deals and equipment, and tailored solar energy help.

As far as New Jersey solar companies go… I definitely went with Solar City. I understand why some people might not like the bigger business, but the local providers make it so easy to deal with. And they were the easiest for me to work with, had the most financing options, and were the best choice for me and my situation.

Solar Works NJ is an excellent, local solar business. They knew their stuff and were so easy to work with. They just had less financing options and equipment options overall.  But they’re great and could be an excellent choice for another person.

So, in my opinion…start with Solar Visit, cut down your research time with some good help and direction and know which NJ solar companies have the best options for you personally. What worked for me, may or may not work for you. But Solar Visit can give you the boost you need and then you can make an educated decision from there.

*Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. I just hope that I can help you cut down on research time. I may have missed some things or errors  here or there as would be expected of an amateur investigator. But I feel my opinions are solid and may help some of you out. But like anything on the internet, do your own research too.


Best of luck!



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