Not Necessarily the Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Bringing Light to Our “Hallway of Doors”


As stated in my brief blurb next to my picture, (look to the right of your screen!) I live in a Craftsman style home that was built in 1920.  We moved here 3 years ago after my husband retired from 20 years and 20 days in the Army.  (Not that we were counting or anything!)  He was lucky enough to land a great job here in Montana, which is exactly where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives.  We were also lucky enough to find this beautiful well-cared-for home in a great neighborhood.  Butte used to be a bustling little town when the copper mines were in full swing, but sadly many of its historic buildings and homes have fallen into disrepair.  This one, however, is not one of them!

When we moved in all the rooms were nicely painted and accented with stenciled borders.  They were beautifully done, but just didn’t feel like us and we set out to change that.  There was one “room” in particular that really wasn’t us and it was the first thing that we tackled shortly after moving in.  We call it…..bum, bum bum….the hallway of doors.  It’s a 7 1/2′ x 9′ space that has nine doors.  Yeah, I said NINE!  It is the hub of the house.  After you walk into the front foyer, through the living room and dining room, you find yourself in this “room”.  All other rooms and floors are accessible via this hallway.  The ceiling was painted dark green and had been separated into four sections by copper-colored wood trim.  Inside each of three of these sections (yeah, just three…not all four!) was a mock ceiling tin wallpaper panel.  Also painted copper.  And then there was the copper-painted wallpaper border.  Sigh.  Since this hallway is basically in the center of the home these colors made it far too dark and closed-in feeling.  We set out to lighten it up!

Steaming off the wallpaper border and fake ceiling tin wallpaper.  No bueno!  This was NOT an easy job.  At. All.  If you look behind Mr. Wonderful, you get a peek of some of the stenciling.   That’s the master bedroom, which has also had a make-over.



And working over your head for several hours….so…much…fun!  NOT!



And even MORE pain-inducing neck work.  And yeah, that “boob” light is still there.  I HATE it!  Any suggestions on what to replace it with?



Notice, we also painted the wood trim in this hallway.  It had never before been painted.  That’s like almost a sin…to paint unpainted wood trim in an historic home.  I know…I’m going to hell and Satan is gonna cackle his head off!  I do want you to know that I did my research first, though, folks.  I read somewhere online that it was typical of the times to have the woodwork painted in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens…basically anywhere but the living and dining rooms.  Well, I took that to mean hallways included.  Mmmmkay?


Here’s the lightened up version.  BTW, that’s a shot into my office, which has been re-decorated and re-painted 4 times since we moved in.  It does not look like that now.  The other door (to the right) is a storage closet. To the right of that is the doorway into the kitchen and to the right of that is the doorway to upstairs and to the right of that is the doorway to the basement and……oh, you get the picture!  I’d better stop before I make you dizzy!



This is a shot into the master bath.  Otherwise known as the only bath on the main floor.  It also does not look like that anymore.  Oh, and see that tiny little door next to the closet door?  That’s my laundry chute!  When I first moved here, I thought it was ookey.  Now, I love it!  There’s even one upstairs and they both lead to the basement where my laundry room is.  Convenient, right?  I know!  I think I should trim it out, though, don’t you?



I know I haven’t shown you all nine doors in my “after” pics.  Keep in mind, these pictures were taken 3 years ago and if I were to take pics today, you would see my messes….we don’t know each other well enough for you to see my messes.


Stay tuned for our upstairs bathroom remodel.

Bye from the bungalow,


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  1. Donna Skaggs says:

    Jean, I am officially one of your groupies!!!!

  2. definitely lighter and brighter in here. great job!


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