Office Space Makeover

I feel like the home office can be a tricky place.

It’s part of your home, yet you need to get work done in there. It has the potential to be a comforting and wonderful place to work. But if it’s too much like home, you won’t get work done. And if it’s too much like work, it will feel like an alien part of your home.

Recently I’ve done some work to combine the two and am happy with how it turned out. Here are some of the ideas I utilized to make my happy home office.


Vintage chalk/clip board

As many of you know, I love vintage. And my house is mostly vintage themed. This was the first accessory I kind of let my ideas revolve around for my home office. It’s vintage, and I can use it either as a chalk board or a clipboard to hold my papers and notes. I’ve been using it a lot and I love it. Buy them here at A Cottage in the City.

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Metal Filing Shelves

 I love this old filing cabinet that is reminiscent of the chicken feeding bins of my youth. The filing keeps it office and work oriented, my stuff organized, but it’s still cute and comfortable. Buy one on

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Vintage Tea Cup Plants

 I bought some vintage tea cups from a flea market and filled them with some succuletns and cacti. I love a little life and color—so these low maintenance plants were perfect for my home office. Like the picture, a little bit of sack cloth or vintage/rustic material can be a cute wood protector.

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Vintage Décor Touches

 Of course sometimes décor doesn’t have much use other than apperances. But that can be everything when it comes to creating a theme for a room and creating a home. I used some lighthouse lanterns, hung up an old map, some old books to decorate a shelf, and I got some old vintage pictures to hang in my home office. But obviously, this is where you get to be creative with personal touches.

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Vintage Desk

 And of course you need a vintage desk in your home office. I used something to this effect in my office as well.

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Comment and share your ideas for home offices and design below!



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