Vintage Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I’m sure many of you know by now that I am not the Jean of the old Backyard Bungalow. And she’s amazing, so I really want to pay tribute to some of her posts.

There was an old post on a vintage room makeover with Jean from a while ago, but I’m not sure I can get her same pictures to show you.

While it might not be the same as hers, I promise it will have my own unique spin and it will be fun.

Here are the necessary part for a vintage bedroom makeover.


 Vintage chandeliers can really make a room. They are very pretty and interesting to look at. I do have a tutorial on how to makeover a chandelier to be more vintage, so go check that out!

Or you can get beautiful lighting from your local vintage store or a flea market.

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 There are a few ways to antique a dresser, or restore vintage dressers. I followed Jean’s idea and used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint and really liked it! Check out my post on restoring vintage dressers.

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 Every bedroom needs a vanity in my opinion. They are convenient drawers, well-placed mirrors, and another seat in the bedroom.

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 This is a beautiful chair for the vanity. The chair is important because it accents the room. Go check out my vintage chair tutorial and learn how to paint upholstery fabric.

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Furniture—Suitcase Table

 These are very popular and for good reason. They fit in any vintage room, they’re unique, and super cute.

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Décor—Vintage Bottles

 However, you get or use vintage bottles depends on the room you’re decorating. And I think flowers are the nicest touch to a vintage theme. So combining the two has been a favorite for me.

Check out my diy vintage bottles post.

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Décor—Vintage Wood Pallet Wall Hanging

 I loved this idea I found. I repurposed a wood pallet by refurbishing/painting and then sanding the pallet down. I removed some of the middle wood planks to create a space like the picture, and then hung plant holders from the other planks. I filled some with greens and some with flowers.

I think it’s just so cute.

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Wrapping It Up

 These are some of my favorite key elements of any vintage room. Let me know some of yours in the comments below!


Vintage Chair: Tutorial On Painting Upholstery Fabric

Edit: Old blog owner, Jean, did not want me to use her image on here so I switched to another one done by an amazing blogger. Check it out. 🙂

Hey everyone! Very excited about today’s project.

Today I’m going to break down how to totally transform vintage chairs by painting the upholstery.



(Photo Credit: )

Sometimes you find the perfect chair but it’s just not going to quite fit your décor. Or maybe it has stains that you want to cover.

If you’re really in love with the pattern on your furniture, don’t worry it will stay on. It’s just paint, so your patterns are still going to show through.

Thankfully, painting upholstery isn’t too hard. And the furniture turns out stunning.


 The Prep

  • Polish the Bones: Meaning the wood, of course. You want to do any oiling or painting of the bones of the furniture before you paint the main part. Many times, vintage furniture can be a little beat up—but it’s nothing a little polish or paint can’t make fresh again. But still be careful to not spill on the fabric, as it can take several coats to cover paint and polish.
  • Supplies: 1) You’ll need about 32 oz of a fabric medium. The fabric medium is what keeps the fabric soft and comfy, not stiff. You can find this at any craft supply store, like Michaels, or you can shop on Amazon too! 2) 20 oz of acrylic paint in whichever color you desire. 3) Squirt bottle of water, paint brush (about 2 inch), a smaller paint brush to get the corners and so that you don’t paint the wood, and a towel for cleaning up.
  • Mix it up: Your solution is going to be a 1:1:1 to fabric medium, your chosen color of paint, and water for your first coat. If it’s coming out too thing, you can reduce your water for a thicker coat. You can also spray a smaller areas with water to help the pain spread easier.


Paint Your Furniture

 This part is pretty straight forward!

  • You can cover your wood with painter’s tape to make sure you don’t slip. I’m extra cautious so this is what I did. Or you can just wipe with the clean-up towel as you go.
  • Plan on giving your chair around 4 coats. Let it dry between each coat. Some fabrics will need more, some less. Depending on your fabric, you might need to sandpaper the fabric after a drying to make it smooth and textured again (like with velvet).


And there you have it. Beautiful antique, born-again chair.

Share any tips or ticks you might have with me. I love learning new things.


Hey Girl, Don’t Craft The Cats!

A moment of fun.

We all know those ‘hey, girl’ memes…usually of Ryan Gosling (ultra hot movie star). But I’ve seen a trend towards ‘hey,girl’ memes and regular guys with nice smiles too. I think these ones are a little more down-to-earth and fun.

And even better, ‘hey, girl’ memes that are about crafting and diy projects.

I get so busy with my diy projects I’m surprised I haven’t tried dressing my cats up in re-purposed flour sacks. Not that I haven’t thought of it…

I’ll share a few for a laugh.

Thanks to Bliss Ranch for her little Valentine’s Day Link Party, a few crafters also shared pictures of their husbands with ‘hey, girl’ memes. It’s a lot of fun!

(Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

Hahahaha! Love them. Clever and relatable.

Share in the comments any that you have made, or make and share them! Have some fun today.


Vintage Dresser: 6 Easy Steps To Upcycling Old Dressers

Upcycle an old dresser into something new.

Save lots of money by buying old furniture and remaking it into something more unique and stylish.

Here are 6 quick steps for upcycling old furniture:

  1. Find different knobs that fit the theme of your room, and fix any major flaws such as uneven legs or broken drawers. Clean your furniture up so that you can paint easily.
  2. Sand the wood down. This is especially essential if your furniture has varnish.
  3. Paint the furniture however you like, or even take time to distress it for a vintage look (check out my post on distressing furniture).
  4. Polish off with polyurethane to lock in your colors and keep your furniture paint lasting long.
  5. Wait for it all to dry and apply your new knobs.
  6. And then of course enjoy.

Tell me about a dresser you upcycled, how you did it, and how it fit your theme. I love sharing ideas!


Office Space Makeover

I feel like the home office can be a tricky place.

It’s part of your home, yet you need to get work done in there. It has the potential to be a comforting and wonderful place to work. But if it’s too much like home, you won’t get work done. And if it’s too much like work, it will feel like an alien part of your home.

Recently I’ve done some work to combine the two and am happy with how it turned out. Here are some of the ideas I utilized to make my happy home office.


Vintage chalk/clip board

As many of you know, I love vintage. And my house is mostly vintage themed. This was the first accessory I kind of let my ideas revolve around for my home office. It’s vintage, and I can use it either as a chalk board or a clipboard to hold my papers and notes. I’ve been using it a lot and I love it. Buy them here at A Cottage in the City.

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Metal Filing Shelves

 I love this old filing cabinet that is reminiscent of the chicken feeding bins of my youth. The filing keeps it office and work oriented, my stuff organized, but it’s still cute and comfortable. Buy one on

(Photo Credit:


Vintage Tea Cup Plants

 I bought some vintage tea cups from a flea market and filled them with some succuletns and cacti. I love a little life and color—so these low maintenance plants were perfect for my home office. Like the picture, a little bit of sack cloth or vintage/rustic material can be a cute wood protector.

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Vintage Décor Touches

 Of course sometimes décor doesn’t have much use other than apperances. But that can be everything when it comes to creating a theme for a room and creating a home. I used some lighthouse lanterns, hung up an old map, some old books to decorate a shelf, and I got some old vintage pictures to hang in my home office. But obviously, this is where you get to be creative with personal touches.

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Vintage Desk

 And of course you need a vintage desk in your home office. I used something to this effect in my office as well.

(Photo Credit:


Comment and share your ideas for home offices and design below!



Salvaged Junk Wreaths

Fun with “junk”. I love these interesting ideas for wreaths during any season really.

(Photo Credit:

I love this rusty metal canning lid wreath from Funky Junk Interiors. It’s great for a rustic or maybe even vintage look. And you can really hang it on a house door or barn door. Great use of “junk”.

(Photo Credit:

This rusty spring wreath is a fun rustic project. Go to Home Talk blog for further instructions on this cute wreath.

(Photo Credit:

This antique music sheet wreath is just too cute. I love My Moms Junk’s post on it. Definitely check it out. I know I’m going to be doing this one for fun.

(Photo Credit:

This may or may not be junk, but the idea is so cool! A tech wreath is something I haven’t seen before, and I think it’s pretty neat.

(Photo Credit:

Then there’s this totally awesome wreath made of toilet paper tubes, spray paint, and some red beads. Of course you can paint any color you’d like. This one is also pretty cute and I want to try it out.


Post in the comments if you try any of these or have your own junk wreaths!


DIY Repurposed Springs

You can pretty much repurpose anything. One of my favorite diy upcycling projects involved springs…bed springs, couch springs, chair springs…whatever.

Here are some pretty amazing DIY spring repurposing and upcycling projects.


Check out this amazing bed spring wine rack! What an inventive use of a vintage bed spring.

PC: Pinterest

Need a creative room divider? Try out this light fixture bed spring. Very cool.

PC: Pinterest

In need of spring or summer decorations? Try out this nest made from crafts and a bed spring.


This truck spring stool repurposing is simply amazing. I love this idea and it’s so bold.


Wrap springs around industrial style lights for this really neat look in your home.


This wreath is very rustic and beautiful, an excellent idea for spring or summer home décor. And you can garnish it with any color of flower or type of accent, really.

Comment below to share your projects.


Guest Bedroom Reveal!

Guest Bedroom Reveal!

I’m so happy with how this turned out!

I love vintage style so I upgraded our guest bedroom with some new stuff.

One of my favorite aspects is the ceiling mirror. It’s in the shape of a flower and it lends itself to the airy feel of our vintage guest room.

(Photo Credit:

My little girl has been lying on the guest bedroom bed making faces at herself as she hangs her head off the foot of the bed. I like how it creates space and makes the room look brighter and bigger. The style of the flower makes it look unique.

I would explore “mirror stickers” for ceiling mirror ideas to fit your home. There are a lot of cute options out there.

I looked for some vintage room ideas around Pinterest and stuff, and I ended up using this photo collage as my inspiration. I love the neutral, airy colors.

(Photo Credit:

I painted the walls an off-white that lends itself to the grey and neutral tones in this collage.

I antiqued the wardrobe and the bedside tables in the room with a similar grey-finish to these pictures. And I furnished the room with old globes, and a filing cabinet with old medicine tonics and old vases on top to add to the vintage feel. And of course the old iron bed frame was a must. That adds to the whole room.

I also found a velvet, wood chair to put in the corner from our local antique shop. So far, it’s freaking adorable. I’m looking into getting a small shelf for some books or a way to adjust a tv in there in a complimentary way. You know, got to have those amenities.

So maybe another blog post on it soon.

Thanks for reading!


What You Need To Know About Removing Wood Finish

PC: Pinterest

You want to be careful about removing wood finish, as you can damage your wood if you use a technique that doesn’t work.

Taking off wood finish is key before you can stain or paint that wood. Though the process of removal can differ depending on the finish, many dissolve with denatured alcohol.

But if it’s the wrong finish, denatured alcohol can damage your wood.

For my purposes, the most important distinctions are between shellac, lacquer, and varnish.

First you’ll want to spot test a hidden area with the denatured alcohol.

If the finish dissolves, it’s a shellac finish.

If it only mostly or sort-of dissolves, it’s most likely a combo of lacquer and shellac. If this is the case, test it with some lacquer thinner mixed in as well. It should completely get rid of the finish.

If the denatured alcohol doesn’t affect the varnish on the wood, then apply lacquer thinner in a hidden section to see if that results in rough and then smooth surface area. If it does, the finish is lacquer.

However, if the finish roughens but doesn’t get smooth again, then it’s actually a varnish. And it’s a varnish, if neither lacquer thinner nor alcohol dissolves the finish.


Here are a few excellent guides in wood restoration if you have further questions: