Pillow Talk: Adding Pops of Color in Every Room of the House


Let’s talk pillows, shall we?   We all know that pillows can change the look and color scheme in a room, right?  We all know that we can walk into any department store and buy pillows in any color or fabric.  But have you tried making your own pillow covers?  Have you tried mixing modern pillows into your vintage decorating scheme?  Or vintage pillows into your modern decorating scheme?  (If you’re like me you had to go back and read that twice ‘cuz you thought I repeated myself, right?)

Here are some examples of pillows I’ve used throughout my house to create sophistication, whimsy, casualness, modern flair, pops of color, or just to add a “European” touch.


Excuse the tag on this one…it is for sale…unless I decide to keep it!  I don’t have to tell you that this one is made from a vintage flour sack do I?



I have two of these in my butler’s pantry.  They’re made from vintage table napkins.  That ball of fur you see in the upper left of the photo followed me in and out of every room…I’m surprised she’s not in EVERY shot!  I’m also surprised she hasn’t started demanding to be paid as my “assistant.”



This red one is made from a vintage bedspread.



This one I actually purchased and is one of the few down pillows that I own since I’m allergic.  I bought these (one for each chair) strictly for a pop of color since both wing back chairs are neutral-colored, as is my couch.


My couch came with pillows that matched the fabric on the couch, but I found them to be too big and …well….boring!  I am obsessed with vintage advertising (whether it’s German, French or American), so I made these to replace them.  Tutorial to come in a future post.


I could have easily replace them with these…



…or these.  Neither of which are my current color scheme in my living room, though.



Another obsession of mine is the European grain sack.  LOVE!  I am lucky enough to have two window seats in my house and one of the first things I did when I moved in 3 years ago was to re-cover the cushions in grain sacks and make coordinating pillows.   This seat is in my foyer.



This window seat is in my master bedroom and it combines my grain sack obsession with my love of advertising, which I feel adds a touch of casual whimsy.



This is the other side of the window seat in my master.  Who says the pillows have to match?



These are the pillows on my master bed.  Clearly, a mix of modern and vintage, but I think it works.



These pillows are in one of my guest bedrooms and are made from vintage embroidered napkins.  I absolutely love knowing I have something unique that no one else has!



And a rare collection of all modern goose down pillows set against a backdrop of a vintage, rustic bed in a second guest bedroom, formerly my daughter’s room.

So there you have it.  In my house, pillows aren’t just for heads at nighttime–they also play a starring role in every room of the house, popping color, adding whimsy, and turning the dull into delightful.

What role do pillows play in your house?

Bye from the Bungalow,


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  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I am IN LOVE with these pillows! Thanks so much for sharing (Stringtown Home linky party)! I’m addicted to your blog, now! 🙂


  2. Love all your pillows, Jean! I have to practice restraint when I see pillows since I don’t have the room anymore. I do love all the ones you’ve shared here. I’ve taken to making my pillows double sided so I can just flip them around for a different look when I want one.

  3. LOVE THIS! I feel the same way…it’s all about the pillows! I am actually writing an ebook right now called “Pillow Talk”….make pillows with piping and a zipper. So funny that you used the same name for your post. My book is almost done and ready….it’s step by step instructions for a knife edge, piping, ruffled, bolster, and mitered pillows. http://customslipcoversbyshelley.blogspot.com/2012/03/french-country-family-room-and-ebook.html

  4. searching for the right word …EXQUISITE !

  5. Oh, I just love them all I’m not sure which one to pin first … because there will be pinning of epic proportions!

    So very, very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!



  6. Love these! I’m visiting from pillowpalooza!

  7. What a pillow collection! Love all the graphics and the red accents!

    Thanks for linking up to Pillowpalooza 🙂

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  8. I loved seeing all your beautiful pillows.

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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