“Simply Spray” Painted Chair is Finished! Boy, was that easy!

Yay!  It’s finished and I gotta say, I love it!

The first coat of Simply Spray charcoal paint I gave the chair cushions came out slightly blotchy, so I ordered another can and waited impatiently for it to arrive.  Check out the before here.

The second coat evened out all of the blotchy areas and went on very evenly.  It may look slightly blotchy in this photo, but it really isn’t.

After the paint on the upholstery dried overnight, I taped it of and started painting the wooden frame with ASCP Old White.  I usually distress with a hand sander, but I knew that wouldn’t work in this case because the dust would get all over the upholstery and wreak havoc, so I tried the wet rag method.  Just simply wet a cloth and started working off the paint in the areas that you want it to look distressed.  I didn’t feel like I had as much control as with the sandpaper, but it was much less messy and no dust to get all over the house! Oh, my look at the cat hair I’ve painted into the woodwork.  Oy!

And now Mr. Wonderful has the reading corner he requested in his new “office”.  He has really taken over this place! The trash is full and there are books everywhere!  He’s out of town and has taken his computer and speakers with him, but normally that desk is covered with his junk office stuff.

Oh, and there’s one of the cat hair culprits!

This is the twin, which has already received 2 cans of Navy Simply Spray.  I prematurely put the second coat on before the first coat was dry.  I think the key to getting a nice even finish is to wait for the first coat to dry thoroughly overnight before you put on the second coat.  I’m hoping I can find a can of this paint at the JoAnn’s in the next town over, so I won’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail again.  I can’t wait to get this one finished…it’s going in my master bedroom.

Some of the questions you asked were:

What color of paint did I use on the first chair?  I used Charcoal Gray.  It’s a fabulous, sophisticated gray!

Is the chair crunchy now?  No, not really.  It feels like a heavy weight duck cloth now.  Not crunchy!

How many cans did I use?  Three.  I would definitely get more than I thought I needed…it isn’t any fun waiting on a can of paint to arrive in the mail to get a project done! Besides, you’ll probably be using it again…that’s how great this product is…you’ll be looking for things to spray!

How long does it take to dry? Not long.  I would wait and let it dry overnight before applying the second, final coat of paint.  Then wait 72 hours before using the piece of furniture to allow the paint to really settle in and not rub off on your clothes.

How strong is the smell?  I didn’t notice any smell at all!  No fumes and I painted them in my hallway of doors!

I also had mentioned how the trigger button was really small and hurt your finger after a time and some suggested the spray paint nozzle you can fit over top to ease the small trigger.  Unfortunately, those handy devices don’t fit this spray can.  I have one and I tried it.  No bueno!

So, I hope that answered all your questions.  If not, ask away! What are you gonna paint now?  I wanna know!

Bye from the bungalow,




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  1. It looks great, Jean! I love the grey color with the white chair!

  2. So good to know that this product actually works. Your chair looks gorgeous and so much cheaper and easier than reupholstering.

  3. Your chair looks amazing! Thank you for sharing this product with us.

  4. I have not ordered any yet, fear of redoing the dining room I think, but now I am wondering if there is a retail store I can get it at instead. I will have to look.


  5. Nicely done! I recently re-did an old rocker with Rit dye which I sprayed on. It did not rub off on my hands and no one ever sits in the chair so I was feeling very clever untill last week when I scratched at the upholstery to show it off to my cousin and then had to soak my fingernails in bleach because the dye stained them so badly. Hmmm. Someone suggested I spray it with Aqua Net to set the dye…any ideas?

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Hi, Jean

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see the next chair finished.


  8. I love this product. I was thinking, what could I use it on. Then I read what will you use this on. It was like you were reading my mind. LOL I have a white on white lounger and couch, with a braided trim on the bottom. I have had them a number of years. Do you think I could paint over the braid? Also, What about stains? The arms are soiled should I professionally clean them first? I was going to try to get them recovered, but this could be great. Thanks for the answers, love your blog ~ you are fearless.

  9. I’m so in love with this chair! You did a great job refinishing it! Have a great weekend 🙂

  10. Soooo love the chair! Soooo want to paint a couch in my hubby’s office! It’s from the 80’s & is peach and blue- it has a cover that needs thrown away! He adores it – so you painted ( spray painted) inside the house?
    How much plastic did you hang to protect? And how?
    Love your bravery ~ I need me some!

  11. Awesome job! thanks. I stained a board for a shelf inside the house this weekend, talk about “no bueno”!
    It’s been so cold, I can’t get anything done around here. I ended up taking the board down to the basement to cure up. Us impatient creatives, arghhh.

  12. Gorgeous! Love the color choice!

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  13. Does the paint cause the upholstery to feel stiff? That’s what has always kept me from trying this.


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