A Little Rambling, a Little Re-Freshing!

Let's see if I can get back into the swing of keeping up with blog, shall we?  I can hardly keep up with the laundry and ironing, but blogging is important, no? First of all, I want to say a HUGE "thank you" to those of you who have visited the shop and shown so much excitement and enthusiasm. You make my heart sing with hope that this just … [Read more...]

Another Guest Bedroom Reveal

Okay, I'm finally gonna do it.  Even though it's not completely finished, I'm going to pull back the curtain and let you have a peek at my second guest Bedroom Reveal.  My first guest bedroom reveal is here. I started re-decorating this room in July. Yeah, July! I'll start out with a view from the doorway. I shared the chandelier … [Read more...]

Footboard Turned Fireplace Screen

I've been on a mission to get several projects for my home finished.  I have been painting, sanding, stenciling, repairing, and waxing like a mad woman. My friend, Donna, gave me this beautiful footboard to turn into a fireplace screen.  I really needed something to brighten up this dark and dingy fireplace and this footboard could be just … [Read more...]

Aren’t you done, yet?

A little sneak peek of what's going down in the guest bedroom.  Hey, get your mind outta the gutter!  We're talking painting, sanding and of course,  more mess making. I've had this Eastlake bed forevah.  I've grown tired of it, but instead of selling it, I decided to paint it and use it in this room.   Um...that rope is … [Read more...]

Espresso Apocalypse, Show Prepping, and A Distressed Vanity: All in a Day’s Work

Did you hear the thunder this morning around 5:45 AM, my time?  Well, that was me. I ran out of espresso. I gripped my throat in panic. I stomped my feet in disbelief and horror. I thought the world had come to an end. And then I improvised my morning latte' with regular coffee grounds.  It took for.  ever., but it sufficed and the … [Read more...]