Another Guest Bedroom Reveal

Okay, I'm finally gonna do it.  Even though it's not completely finished, I'm going to pull back the curtain and let you have a peek at my second guest Bedroom Reveal.  My first guest bedroom reveal is here. I started re-decorating this room in July. Yeah, July! I'll start out with a view from the doorway. I shared the chandelier … [Read more...]

Junk Drunk With Friends

While Mr. Wonderful has been gallivanting around the Country on his book tour, I've been shopping like a mad woman.  Rough life, I know. First it was the Barn sale the weekend before last and then I helped my friend, Donna, clean out her shed chock-full of vintage goodness and then there were two, yes TWO estate sales in a nearby town that had … [Read more...]

Vanity, Vanity: Re-Doing the Master Bath

I've been frantically getting ready for an upcoming show on Saturday, so I'm pulling pictures from the past.  This is the remodel we did on our master bathroom immediately after our remodel of our upstairs bathroom a year ago. Here's the "before" as we saw it with our realtor.  It's a perfectly respectable bathroom, so why remodel?  Well, this … [Read more...]

A 360 Degree Tour of my Office

  I thought I would give you the full tour of my office today.  I cleaned out all of my projects and swept the floor for the occasion.  A red-letter day! You've seen the table with the newly-minted hide-it-all skirt, but did I tell you that Mr. Wonderful and I made the table out of a door?  Yes, and there used to be two of them in my … [Read more...]