Mid-Century Makeover: An Office Facelift

My office has gone through more transformations than Michael Jackson's face.  And it'll probably go through several more before I'm done. Yesterday, I showed you this "before" photo of one wall in my office.  This is how it looked when I first started blogging, months ago. I liked it, but after a few months of living with the dresser (and … [Read more...]

The Last Vintage Whites Market of the Season

As much as I absolutely LOVE shopping, fixing, painting, repairing and generally puttering around my house preparing items for the market, the market itself is soooo much work.  I mean actual back-breaking, heavy-lifting, unpacking, repacking, lots of driving, endless fluffing work! We, at the Backyard Bungalow, are always the first to arrive on … [Read more...]

A 360 Degree Tour of my Office

  I thought I would give you the full tour of my office today.  I cleaned out all of my projects and swept the floor for the occasion.  A red-letter day! You've seen the table with the newly-minted hide-it-all skirt, but did I tell you that Mr. Wonderful and I made the table out of a door?  Yes, and there used to be two of them in my … [Read more...]