Score! Adventures in Estate-Sale Shopping

A lovely reader asked me how I did on the estate sale I went to last Friday, so instead of just telling her about my antique haul, I thought I'd show all of you!  Last Friday, all I found was this desk some lace curtains and an enamelware bucket.  BUT, when I went back today, I found sooo much more!  Bob and Mark, the gentlemen who run the estate … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Drum roll… Orchestra fanfare…. Curtain rising…. And now….the GUEST BEDROOM REVEAL!!!   That sounds so exciting, doesn’t it?  Well, I hope this post lives up to the hype. Let’s start with a view from the door: This is the bedroom as we saw it with the realtor in 2009.  The view is also taken from the door, but as you … [Read more...]

A Room of Her Own

Today, I thought I'd show you the guest room that I designed.  My daughter moved back to the parental nest temporarily, so I designed it with her taste in mind, as well as my own.  Below is a view from the hallway. I found the bed at a garage sale here a couple summers ago for $40.00.  They told me the price with a huge question mark in … [Read more...]

My Two Daves: In Which My Daughter’s Boyfriend Built a Banquette While My Husband Applauded From the Sidelines

  Last week I gave you an idea of what we did in the butler's pantry/breakfast nook.  Magic Dave at work:     Why do I call him Magic Dave, you ask?  Because he can build stuff!!  He can take pieces of lumber and turn them into tables, benches, walls, and even showers.  I'm in awe!!  Mr. Wonderful does not build … [Read more...]