Oh, the Drudgeries of Shopping

When you own your own store, you have to shop a lot.  A.  LOT. I mean a lot, a lot! I mean, you might miss something out there and you have to keep the store full, right?  Of course! I've done a lot of shopping in the last few weeks.  A. LOT. It's such drudgery. A real pain. Scouring estate sales, thrift shops, garage sales, antique … [Read more...]

Mid-Century Makeover: An Office Facelift

My office has gone through more transformations than Michael Jackson's face.  And it'll probably go through several more before I'm done. Yesterday, I showed you this "before" photo of one wall in my office.  This is how it looked when I first started blogging, months ago. I liked it, but after a few months of living with the dresser (and … [Read more...]

Junk Drunk With Friends

While Mr. Wonderful has been gallivanting around the Country on his book tour, I've been shopping like a mad woman.  Rough life, I know. First it was the Barn sale the weekend before last and then I helped my friend, Donna, clean out her shed chock-full of vintage goodness and then there were two, yes TWO estate sales in a nearby town that had … [Read more...]

Transform this!

I'm overwhelmed....again.  I know, I say it all the time, but it's true.  I go out shopping and come home with what I think are wonderful treasures to transform and then before I know it, my house is full and cluttered with crap. I swear I had my office desk cleared of projects for about an hour.  That could be a record. Here are my latest … [Read more...]

Score! Adventures in Estate-Sale Shopping

A lovely reader asked me how I did on the estate sale I went to last Friday, so instead of just telling her about my antique haul, I thought I'd show all of you!  Last Friday, all I found was this desk some lace curtains and an enamelware bucket.  BUT, when I went back today, I found sooo much more!  Bob and Mark, the gentlemen who run the estate … [Read more...]