Spray Paint and Surprises!

It's been nearly two weeks since I put up a blog post.  It's not that I didn't have something to write about...quite the opposite.  A lot has been happening around here and unfortunately, the blog is the last priority on my list. I flew my oldest son, Deighton, in from Savannah, GA as a surprise for Mr. Wonderful.  I'm usually really, … [Read more...]

The Vintage Red Bird Cage and Friends Who Like to Spend Your Money

Never go shopping with a friend who enjoys helping you spend your money.  It's extremely dangerous for your wallet. You know the kind of friend I'm talking about.  The one who sees everything YOU need to buy and gets absolutely giddy about what they found for YOU. And you feed off her giddiness like a school girl with a crush. And the … [Read more...]

A Room of Her Own

Today, I thought I'd show you the guest room that I designed.  My daughter moved back to the parental nest temporarily, so I designed it with her taste in mind, as well as my own.  Below is a view from the hallway. I found the bed at a garage sale here a couple summers ago for $40.00.  They told me the price with a huge question mark in … [Read more...]

Turn the Light On: Lamp Re-vamp Tutorial

  I had a reader ask me for a tutorial on how to re-vamp a lamp.  I promised her I would.  Here goes. The first thing I do, is to put the cord in a plastic baggie and tape it as close to the lamp base as possible.   Then I give it a couple of light coats of spray Kilz.  The Kilz provides a bonding agent between the lamp … [Read more...]