Footboard Turned Fireplace Screen

I've been on a mission to get several projects for my home finished.  I have been painting, sanding, stenciling, repairing, and waxing like a mad woman. My friend, Donna, gave me this beautiful footboard to turn into a fireplace screen.  I really needed something to brighten up this dark and dingy fireplace and this footboard could be just … [Read more...]

The Last Vintage Whites Market of the Season

As much as I absolutely LOVE shopping, fixing, painting, repairing and generally puttering around my house preparing items for the market, the market itself is soooo much work.  I mean actual back-breaking, heavy-lifting, unpacking, repacking, lots of driving, endless fluffing work! We, at the Backyard Bungalow, are always the first to arrive on … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Drum roll… Orchestra fanfare…. Curtain rising…. And now….the GUEST BEDROOM REVEAL!!!   That sounds so exciting, doesn’t it?  Well, I hope this post lives up to the hype. Let’s start with a view from the door: This is the bedroom as we saw it with the realtor in 2009.  The view is also taken from the door, but as you … [Read more...]

Tissue Paper: It’s Not Just For Wrapping Presents

  I tend to flit from one project to another.  Here's one of my recent flits...flitters....flittings? A couple of months ago, I ordered some yummy French stencils from Maison de Stencils and they came wrapped up in some gorgeous tissue paper.  Even though the tissue was taped and torn in many places, I decided to keep it to try and … [Read more...]