Scoot Over and Let Me Show You My Little Red Scooter

I've been dying to show you one of my favorite finds from my trip to Illinois.  This little red scooter! It's not that I collect kids' toys or anything. I didn't even really let my children collect them when they lived at home.  I was never one of those moms that let their kids take over the living room with their toys.  Yep, I was that … [Read more...]

Espresso Apocalypse, Show Prepping, and A Distressed Vanity: All in a Day’s Work

Did you hear the thunder this morning around 5:45 AM, my time?  Well, that was me. I ran out of espresso. I gripped my throat in panic. I stomped my feet in disbelief and horror. I thought the world had come to an end. And then I improvised my morning latte' with regular coffee grounds.  It took for.  ever., but it sufficed and the … [Read more...]

Junkin’ and Jivin’: Our weekend in Bozeman

It's Wednesday already and I'm just now getting around to showing you what I did on my fun weekend with Mr. Wonderful.  We went to Junk Fest in Bozeman and had a great time! First a disclaimer....I forgot to take my good camera, so all of these shots were taken with my Droid camera phone.  Oops! One of the highlights of the Junk Fest was this … [Read more...]

Mantel Mania and…hollow screws?

The Lettered Cottage blog is having a Summer Mantel Link Party, so I thought I would give it a go and try my hand at mantel decorating. I already know this is not my forte'.  Fireplaces were not high on the list of priorities in military housing, therefore I haven't gained much practice at mantel decorating.  Off I go anyway! I tried 3 different … [Read more...]

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Drum roll… Orchestra fanfare…. Curtain rising…. And now….the GUEST BEDROOM REVEAL!!!   That sounds so exciting, doesn’t it?  Well, I hope this post lives up to the hype. Let’s start with a view from the door: This is the bedroom as we saw it with the realtor in 2009.  The view is also taken from the door, but as you … [Read more...]