Tissue Paper: It’s Not Just For Wrapping Presents


I tend to flit from one project to another.  Here’s one of my recent flits…flitters….flittings?

A couple of months ago, I ordered some yummy French stencils from Maison de Stencils and they came wrapped up in some gorgeous tissue paper.  Even though the tissue was taped and torn in many places, I decided to keep it to try and decoupage it onto some furniture. I thought maybe I’d use it inside a drawer, but then I realized it would look great on this little table that was sitting in my office waiting for inspiration.

First, I laid the tissue paper out in full sheets on the table.  I did have a small overlap on the left-hand side, but it’s hardly noticable.  You could even tear this up and do it that way, but I liked the pattern and wanted to keep it intact.



Working with a small area at a time, I lifted the paper and brushed on Mod Podge underneath.



Then I laid the paper over the top of the Mod Podge and smoothed it out with the brush.  There will be wrinkles, but they add to the drama and interest of the piece.  Then I gave it a thin coat of MP over the top.



My second biggest supporter next to my husband.  This cat watches over everything I do and I swear, if he had opposable thumbs, he would jump in and help me!



After the first light coat dried, I gently removed the excess paper with my fingers and then gave it a nice heavy coat of MP to seal it off well and to smooth it to the touch somewhat.  Its really white and thick when its wet, but it dries nice and clear.



And walah…finished product!  (That is not an abused grandchild in that shot, I swear!)



Bye from the bungalow,


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  1. Jean,
    So simple (the only kind I will do) yet so fabulous! The wrinkles do add to the fabulousness (just like on people)!! Send your cat over – I could use some help around here!

    I am pinning this to our It’s a Cinch folder – because you know I am going to do this (one day)!

    So glad you liked our Podcast too – more to come!

    • Ash (the cat) left yesterday…he’ll be there next Tuesday to help out. Since I don’t know where you live, I told him to look for a beautiful white kitchen with the most impressive demijohn lights. I think he can figure it out from there…he’s pretty smart!
      Thanks for the pin and the constant encouragement!

  2. Cool and crafty…I love it! I just subscribed to your beautiful blog! 🙂


  3. That’s really pretty, Jean! I keep thinking of different projects I’d love to try with tissue paper. There are some very pretty papers out there now.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Do you know where to buy the pretty tissue papers? I was just lucky enough to have this one land in my mail box, but I’d love to find others!

  4. So creative! I’m so impatient I would wind up ripping the heck outta that tissue paper trying to get it flat. haha.
    It looks great 🙂

  5. This is so beautiful! I love the table even without the tissue paper but this takes it up another notch!


    • Thank you, Elizabeth! This table has been around a while and hasn’t sold, so I thought I’d give it a makeover. Glad you liked it!

  6. This is something I have been wanting to tackle after seeing so many fun tissue paper designs at the craft store. Your table turned out lovely. But my problem is that I don’t have a handsome looking black cat to keep his eye on me to make sure the application process is going smoothly. And if they only had thumbs. The world would be different. So very different…….

  7. Cute. I absolutely love it. Black & White Damask goes with everything!

  8. I love it! My cats would help too but probably by leaving hair on it before it was dry. Anything that crackles or unrolls and they are right there on top of it. Last night I was embellishing a little lizard on top of a patio table (see today’s post) and as soon as I was done and moved away one cat was standing up on hind legs taking a careful look at the lizard.

    • Haha! I would think that was a real lizard, too! I’m not a fan of any animal without fur! It was one of the main reason I couldn’t wait to move away from Georgia. Well, that and my husband was moving to Montana! ha!

  9. jean -love the table! great idea and i shall unscrupulously steal it!
    your blog is stinking hilarious! you should write a column for the standard.

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