Vintage Bed Spring Wreath – Finally finished!

Way back in September, I posted that I had wired together some bed springs to make a wreath.  Check it out here.

I also stated that until I could find a solution for “keeping it round” when hung, it would stay on the floor in my office.

Which it did.

For months.

Under a chair.

Gathering dust and cat hair.


I tried soldering it together.  What a joke!

I wired it to a metal form.

It still wouldn’t keep it’s round shape when hung. Ugh!

I even took a welding class with my friend and neighbor, Stacy. (She’s the pretty one on the left.) It was fun. I lasted one whole class!

And then Stacy told me about JB Weld!

Wha?  You had this secret the whole time and didn’t tell me?

Well, if it works, you’re forgiven for holding out on me, Stacy.

Walah!  It worked perfectly!  I didn’t take any pictures of the “during” because it was early morning and I was up before the sun, as usual. It would almost be insulting to to write a tutorial on this.

I mean, I bought the product.

Followed the package directions by mixing equal parts of each tube together.

Flag toothpick stir stick, optional.

Then, I just dabbed the product at each joint I felt would secure the wreath together.  If you try this, be careful what you put your project on.  It gets a little drippy and I had to keep moving the wreath around and wiping up under it so it wouldn’t stick to my glass surface.  It is water soluble, so it wipes up really easily. Just sayin’.

It couldn’t have been any simpler!  Just think of the junkin’ possibilities now with this awesome product!

Thinking, thinking, thinking….

Bye from the bungalow,


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  1. We LOVE JB Weld on the farm 🙂 And when you get a chance to try JB Stick…. well, you’ll fall in love all over again. It has fixed everything from leaky plastic water barrels to a broken handle on a metal milk bucket. Best. Stuff. Ever!

    • Oh, my! There’s another fantastic product I need to know about…awesome! Can’t wait to try it. The JB Weld fixed the grate on my gas stove, as well. (I broke it by standing on it when I was painting the kitchen…doh!)

  2. Hi, Jean

    This is great. I love how this came out, very rustic. You rock!



  3. I have bed springs, I have no JB Weld, and it cracks me up you took a welding class.


    • It cracks me up, too. Thank God I have a picture of it or no one would believe me! Now, the upholstery class that they offer…that’s more my style! JB Weld…five bucks…go get some!

  4. LOVE it! LOL

  5. Fabulous! I love that!

  6. So sorry I never brought it up before. JB Weld has been my very best friend for years!!! I have instructed my family to send some with me when I leave this earth …. just in case. LOVE LOVE LOVE your wreath!!! Happy New Years!

  7. Jean, I know what you mean about having projects in mind but when you actually do them you run into major hiccups. I loved reading your adventures of how you came to a solution… like the one day welding class!! Too funny! The spring wreath was so worth the wait as it’s adorable and so unique! Happy new year!!

  8. Jean! I love your “spring wreath”! I saw it over at the Cowgirl Up party as one of the best from last week. I was working on an experiment at finding a “sinker” to keep flowers submerged underwater in a vase but could not find an adhesive that worked until I stumbled across the JB Weld. It worked great and the project was saved. So on your wreath…did you attach it to a wire frame in the end?

    • I also wondered….I could not tell if it is attached to a metal wreath mold or just freely attached spring to spring

    • Actually, right after I tried soldering it, I attached it to a metal frame. You can see it in the last picture, compared to the first picture. Thanks for commenting, ladies!

  9. Woo hoo, you’ve been featured at Cowgirl Up. Go grab a featured button from Cedar Hill Ranch if you like.

  10. Love this wreath! So creative! I think it’s hilarious that you took a class and ended up using a simple product instead. More power to the DIYers! Found you over at Cowgirl UP!

  11. It is so different, quirky, rustic . . . I love it!
    Saw you featured on the Cowgirl Up Party and just had to stop by.
    Have a great day 🙂

  12. Just found your blog, and have been loving every minute of it! So glad you discovered the miraculous power of jb weld! I am about to make christmas tree star toppers from a bed spring and smaller springs( that held all of the big springs together on the mattress) will be made Into the star on top. I have it all created in my brain, but really didn’t know how to make it all come together. Thanks a million!

    • Kyli, Thanks so much for your email!! I hope once you get those toppers
      together that you’ll send me a picture. I’d love to see them!

      BTW, I have a 25 year old daughter named Kylie!

  13. What a great wreath! It could be decorated for any season as well, but I love the uniqueness on its own. Now to find some bed springs…

  14. This was so cute I totally loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Kimberly Young says:

    I would love to purchase one of these. If you sell them please inbox me.

  16. Love this idea when I saw it. So when we recently got a new matresss and box springs I thought what better way to reuse the springs! So I’m not sure if you bought the springs but I saw where you had to use rge adhesive to fix them to stay. When I was taking apart my mattress I had the big springs then they were all together with these little springs. I had to cut them to get the big springs off but kept them. So the way I held the big springs together was I wrapped the small springs around the big springs. That’s how I put the wreath together. I put them on top and bottom sides. Much like the mattress how it was. It held it together very well, kept it in a circle and the little springs gave it extra character. I’ve got a letter “c” on a metal sign and I thought I would put in the middle and maybe even a bow. They turned out so cute I want one in EVERY room! Thanks for the idea!!

  17. Oh and mine were the same size on top and bottom where it looks like yours are smaller on one side.


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