Vintage Bedroom Makeover Reveal

I’m sure many of you know by now that I am not the Jean of the old Backyard Bungalow. And she’s amazing, so I really want to pay tribute to some of her posts.

There was an old post on a vintage room makeover with Jean from a while ago, but I’m not sure I can get her same pictures to show you.

While it might not be the same as hers, I promise it will have my own unique spin and it will be fun.

Here are the necessary part for a vintage bedroom makeover.


 Vintage chandeliers can really make a room. They are very pretty and interesting to look at. I do have a tutorial on how to makeover a chandelier to be more vintage, so go check that out!

Or you can get beautiful lighting from your local vintage store or a flea market.

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 There are a few ways to antique a dresser, or restore vintage dressers. I followed Jean’s idea and used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint and really liked it! Check out my post on restoring vintage dressers.

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 Every bedroom needs a vanity in my opinion. They are convenient drawers, well-placed mirrors, and another seat in the bedroom.

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 This is a beautiful chair for the vanity. The chair is important because it accents the room. Go check out my vintage chair tutorial and learn how to paint upholstery fabric.

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Furniture—Suitcase Table

 These are very popular and for good reason. They fit in any vintage room, they’re unique, and super cute.

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Décor—Vintage Bottles

 However, you get or use vintage bottles depends on the room you’re decorating. And I think flowers are the nicest touch to a vintage theme. So combining the two has been a favorite for me.

Check out my diy vintage bottles post.

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Décor—Vintage Wood Pallet Wall Hanging

 I loved this idea I found. I repurposed a wood pallet by refurbishing/painting and then sanding the pallet down. I removed some of the middle wood planks to create a space like the picture, and then hung plant holders from the other planks. I filled some with greens and some with flowers.

I think it’s just so cute.

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Wrapping It Up

 These are some of my favorite key elements of any vintage room. Let me know some of yours in the comments below!


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