Vintage Dresser: 6 Easy Steps To Upcycling Old Dressers

Upcycle an old dresser into something new.

Save lots of money by buying old furniture and remaking it into something more unique and stylish.

Here are 6 quick steps for upcycling old furniture:

  1. Find different knobs that fit the theme of your room, and fix any major flaws such as uneven legs or broken drawers. Clean your furniture up so that you can paint easily.
  2. Sand the wood down. This is especially essential if your furniture has varnish.
  3. Paint the furniture however you like, or even take time to distress it for a vintage look (check out my post on distressing furniture).
  4. Polish off with polyurethane to lock in your colors and keep your furniture paint lasting long.
  5. Wait for it all to dry and apply your new knobs.
  6. And then of course enjoy.

Tell me about a dresser you upcycled, how you did it, and how it fit your theme. I love sharing ideas!


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